Sailing clothing

The latest technologies have greatly improved the wearing comfort in recent years, you feel really good. In addition to our own Compass line, we carry products from Musto, Gill, Marinepool, Helly Hansen and Henri Lloyd. We use the most modern and best materials for our own Compass functional clothing. In addition, special children's, inland, coastal and deep-sea oilskins, as well as a selection of practical all-weather clothing are also part of the range. The matching functional underwear made of modern high-tech materials ensures a comfortable body climate.

What's oilskin? Oilskin is the traditional term used to describe the weather protection clothing worn by seafarers. Originally, textile fabrics were made waterproof with oil impregnations, later textiles were coated with rubber. However, these so-called East Frisian minks were heavy and not very robust. Modern oilskins made of synthetic fabrics offer comprehensive weather protection, not only against wetness, but also against cold and wind. Especially oilskin for yachtsmen has to meet high demands and has to have multifunctional properties. Professional oilskin is waterproof, windproof and breathable. Skin moisture resulting from physical activity is transported through the fabric to the outside, in combination with appropriate functional underwear under the oilskin the body remains dry and warm. For use on the high seas special Offshore oilskin is designed, which is additionally equipped with safety features such as life fog tunnels and reflectors to protect against wind and weather.


Heavy oilskin for offshore use is made of stronger materials that remain highly waterproof both in rain and seawater. The waterproofness of functional fabrics is expressed in mm water column: the higher the value, the more impermeable the fabric is to permanent wetness. For sailing on the coast and on inland waterways, light oilskin is the sensible all-weather clothing. It offers rain protection and is usually also windproof and breathable. Oilskin for dinghy sailors, for example, is particularly comfortably cut and offers great freedom of movement. The innovative high-tech materials are light and very hard-wearing with special reinforcements. Waterproofness and breathability of oilskin is basically achieved by two different processing methods, either by coatings or by multi-layer laminate fabrics with a water vapour permeable membrane.

As with sailor's clothing for adults, oilskin for children consists of an oilskin jacket and high-cut dungarees with knee and seat reinforcements. Waterproof pockets and zippers are part of the practical equipment of weather protection clothing for water sportsmen. Additional protection against the cold is provided by a heat-insulating fleece lining and fleece collar. Oilskin can be worn variably and can be used in different weather conditions with a separate and zip-off fleece inner jacket. Specially developed care products are available for cleaning and impregnating oilskin, which maintain the weather protection properties of modern functional clothing. A large selection of high-quality and professional oilskins of international quality brands is offered by Compass24.