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Wilckens epoxy primer (grey) Wilckens epoxy primer (grey)
Impermeable 2-component corrosion-protective coating for aluminium-, steel- and polyester-coated wood and polyester yachts and boats; suitable for painting above and below the waterline; rust protection; osmosis-resistant. Theoretical...
(£43.99 / 1 Litres)
From £32.99
Wilckens CR universal base coat Wilckens CR universal base coat
Chlorinated-rubber-based anti-corrosion primer for painting above and under the waterline on GRP, steel, wood and aluminium yachts and boats; can be overpainted with all synthetic resin paints and antifouling. Theoretical coverage:...
(£22.65 / 1 Litres)
From £16.99
Wilckens clear yacht lacquer Wilckens clear yacht lacquer
High-quality synthetic resin varnish; very good flow; very lightfast; good gloss retention; splash-resistant; suitable for painting above and below the waterline of wooden boats and yachts. Theoretical coverage: approx. 12.5 m/l at 40...
(£17.32 / 1 Litres)
From £12.99