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Vetus FIRST MATE deluxe folding seat Vetus FIRST MATE deluxe folding seat
Very comfortable deluxe helm seat with a folding backrest. The anodized aluminium hinges are in contrasting colours.
Vetus FIRST CLASS deluxe folding bench seat Vetus FIRST CLASS deluxe folding bench seat
Very comfortable deluxe double bench seat with folding backrest. The anodized aluminium hinges are in contrasting colours.
Vetus Batteries Vetus Batteries
The maintenance-free Vetus batteries are especially designed for the demands of seagoing vessels. The batteries can be applied for engine and on-board net supply at the same time. The battery will not suffer any damage, even at -30˚C, so...
From £89.99
Non-Slip Deck Covering Non-Slip Deck Covering
Works extremely well when wet. Tough, weatherproof and UV resistant. Suitable for all surfaces. 90 x 120cm sheets.
(£83.32 / 1 Quadratmeter)
Vetus AGM Batteries Vetus AGM Batteries
AGM batteries are completely closed apart from a small ventilation hole (relief valve). AGM stands for "Absorbed Glass Mat". The glass mat completely absorbs all battery fluid, meaning the electrolyte. Even if the battery stands on its...
From £189.99
Vetus Planus Hatch Vetus Planus Hatch
Waterproof hatch that is strong enough walk on, with anodised aluminium frame and 10 mm thick smoked acrylic glass pane. The hatch is supplied with handles on both sides. It can only be locked shut from the inside but the handles can be...
From £99.99
Vetus-Fix Vetus-Fix
Contact adhesive for long last-ing adhesion of deck coverings, leather, wood, polyester and various other materials. 1 litre (for approx. 2-3qm).
Single Lever Control Single Lever Control
Side mounting single lever control in smart stainless steel that combines forward, neutral and reverse gear with throttle control. The internal control cables can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
Vetus Bow Thruster Vetus Bow Thruster
Quality bow thruster installation for different boat sizes providing you have a 12V battery with a minimum 108Ah! Also critically important is the cabling from battery to thruster: 35qmm for 0-4.5m or 50qmm for 4.5m to a max of 6.5m from...
From £1,269.99
Joystick for Bow Thruster Joystick for Bow Thruster
(not ill.) Strong joystick control with a waterproof rubber cover for installation in the engine control panel / dashboard. Supplied with 6m of connecting cable
Bow Thruster Tunnel Bow Thruster Tunnel
Tough GRP tube for mounting bow thruster
Battery Cable Battery Cable
Battery cable for 25 kg and 35 kg, length 10 m.
From £14.99
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