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Velocitek SpeedPuck Velocitek SpeedPuck
Very precise 16-channel GPS receiver, installed in a compact housing that is waterproof up to 3m. Operating the SpeedPuck is as easy as child's play. One button is sufficient to switch between speed, maximum speed, compass course or wind...
£399.99 £349.99 You save 13%
Velocitek mast mounting fitting Velocitek mast mounting fitting
Velocitek mast mounting fittings for ProStart. Secure attachment of your device for optimum legibility of the display.
Velocitek-ProStart Velocitek-ProStart
Race Computer by Velocitek – small, light GPS speedometers in a watertight housing. The very precise GPS receiver determines highly exact speed data which can be recorded for up to 40 hours. When set to VMG mode, the device provides...
£809.99 £699.99 You save 14%
Velocitek Prism Velocitek Prism
PRISM ! ... the lightest (137 g), fastest (4Hz-4x p/sec) and coolest (waterproof up to a water depth of 3 m) race compass in the world. Class-compliant, because it is a simple compass with no GPS. Solar-powered! Giant 30 mm figures,...
£499.99 £349.99 You save 30%
Prism Deck Bracket Prism Deck Bracket
The prism deck bracket is designed for flat decks like that of the laser. The extension lines can be fed underneath the compass. It is made of black anodised aluminium, weight: 70 g. It can be mounted on the deck of a laser using the...