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Compass bracket Compass bracket
Length 70 mm, color black.
SILVA Universal Compass with lighting SILVA Universal Compass with lighting
Same model as the SILVA Universal Compass, colour: white, Shaft includes 2 batteries.
Garmin NBC/FBC compass Garmin NBC/FBC compass
This NBC/FBC compass is available in two sizes for small and medium-sized sailing yachts and motorboats. It features a compensator for reliable, accurate course display. It also features a 5 ° double dial, NBC/FBC with 45 degree lubber...
From €144.95
SILVA Universal Compass SILVA Universal Compass
Can be mounted vertically or horizontally and can be easily read from every position. With a second bracket you can position the compass in a different location or remove it from the mount and use it as a hand-bearing compass.
Silva 70P Built-in Compass Silva 70P Built-in Compass
Built-in compass for smaller boats and bulkhead mounting. Has an apparent scale of 70mm. Compact dimensions and easy to install. Maximum heeling angle of 30°. Easy-to-read yellow lubber line. Assembly dimensions: 81 mm. Dimensions: 95 x...
Silva Compass 100B/H Baltic Silva Compass 100B/H Baltic
Specially designed to meet sailors' needs. Built into the bulkhead, the compass always shows your course clearly even in adverse weather or when the boat is heeling thanks to the damped compass rose. The 3 yellow lubber lines remain...
Silva Compass 85 Regatta Silva Compass 85 Regatta
Robust compass for small, fast dinghies and keelboats. Very shallow, easily mounted on the deck with no need to drill big holes - people often mount one on either side for even better readability. With rotatable outer scale so that the...