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Sika MultiPrimer Marine Sika MultiPrimer Marine
Improves adhesion on surfaces like wood, aluminium, FBE or lacquered surfaces. The transparent, yellowish primer reacts with the air humidity on porous and non-porous surfaces.
(£533.00 / 1 Liter)
From £15.99
Sikaflex-291i Sikaflex-291i
For all sealing jobs such as bulkheads, cabling, leaks, hatches, deck fittings and bedding of wooden decks on metal, gelcoat or wood. Also suitable for sticking non-slip deck coverings. Coverage: 310 ml provides a 5mm x 5mm bead for 10...
Sikaflex-292i Sikaflex-292i
Softer, more elastic formula for use where there may be movement, either from vibration or expansion or on areas such as keel /hull joint or rubbing strake. Coverage: 310 ml provides a 5 mm x 5 mm bead.
(£56.63 / 1 Liter)
Sikaflex-295 UV Sikaflex-295 UV
For sticking and sealing windows (glass/acrylic) etc. Contents: cartridge with 310 ml to provide a 10 x 6 mm sealing bead for 5m.
(£79.97 / 1 Liter)
Sikaflex-291i Tube 70 ml Sikaflex-291i Tube 70 ml
1-component polyurethane sealant for shipbuilding which forms an elastomer through air moisture. Serves to produce seams or bonded joints. Quantity: 0.1 l.
(£99.86 / 1 Liter)
Sika Aktivator-205 Sika Aktivator-205
For pre-cleaning and keying shiny hard surfaces,eg: gelcoat, 2-pot varnish/paint, aluminium.
(£99.96 / 1 Liter)
Sika Handclean Sika Handclean
Cleaning wipes for removing uncured adhesives and sealing material residue, as well as paint and primer residues. Also gently cleans stains left by heavy fats, grease and oil. The practical dispenser box keeps the wipes fresh. Box of 30...
Mozart Trimming Knife Mozart Trimming Knife
The perfect trimming knife for teak deck joints. Creating joints is child's play - excess joint sealant can be cut off flush. Perfect for older teak decking on which areas subject to heavy stress are worn more than the sealant itself.
Mozart replacement blades pack (5 units) Mozart replacement blades pack (5 units)
Replacement blades for Mozart Trimming Knife in a pack of five.
Sealant for traditional timber marine decking. This single-component polyurethane sealant is UV-resistant and can be sanded once it is dry. 300 ml.
Sikaflex Primer 206 Sikaflex Primer 206
Black paint for priming. Improves adhesion of glass and ceramic coated glass, plastics and various other materials. Also for repair of small paint blemishes. Content: 250 ml.
(£199.96 / 1 Liter)
Sika Primer-209 D Sika Primer-209 D
Black pigmented low viscosity primer for priming paintwork and plastics (acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS etc.). Suitable for experienced users only. Content: 250 ml.
(£199.96 / 1 Liter)
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