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Catch & Lift Rescue System


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The case is waterproof and robust CATCH and LIFT works in an ingeniously simple way. It is based... more

Product information "Catch & Lift Rescue System"

The case is waterproof and robust CATCH and LIFT works in an ingeniously simple way. It is based on physical principles and requires minimal components, making CATCH and LIFT an extremely reliable and user-friendly life-saving system. General Combines the two stages of a rescue in a single system: Bind the overboard person (throw line) Very compact, lightweight (4.9 kg) Lift person back on board (automatically without muscle exertion) Fast rescue: Draw person in and lift them back on board within <3 minutes Easy to use even under adverse weather conditions and under stress No muscle exertion required, neither by the person on the ship, nor Suitable for flight charter crews of the person in the water Rescue manoeuvre is performed from the rudder Personnel on board can protect themselves. Maintenance and service offer from manufacturer The person in the water maintains a safe distance to the ship Signal whistle on the rescue sling No risk of running over or injuring the person Full control at all times: Start, stop, speed up and slow down the process Ready for use instantly No modifications to the ship or sails, no time wasted Ship remains under control and fully manoeuvrable during the rescue Ship maneoevres require no specific qualifications Rescue equipment is brought to the accident victim, not the other way around Possible to rescue unconscious victims Operated by a single person Especially suitable for poor visibility conditions, strong winds and rough seas Handling can be practised – the greater the confidence, the greater the chance of success Reusable Technically self-sufficient without the need for power, winches, spinnaker halyard, main halyard, etc. Multiple hooking points for the pulley (boom, shrouds) Two fastening options for the person in the water: a snap hook and a rescue sling Extremely reliable

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