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SeaCurity Liferaft ISO 9650-1

SeaCurity Liferaft ISO 9650-1
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€999.95 380181 - 30 66x31x40 4 x
€1,049.95 380182 x 36 73x48x32 4 -
€1,099.95 380183 - 36 67x33x42 6 x
€1,149.95 380184 x 43 78x53x38 6 -
One of the lightest offshore liferafts on the market – without making any compromises! The total... more

Produktinformationen "SeaCurity Liferaft ISO 9650-1"

One of the lightest offshore liferafts on the market – without making any compromises! The total weight of the raft has been noticeably reduced with the use of lighter materials in the flotation unit, an improved, lighter cylinder and a lighter container. The total dimensions of the raft have also been reduced, allowing for improved storage on board. However, there was one safety feature that we didn’t want to compromise on: the octagonal form that provides much greater stability against waves. The proven three-chamber system composed of two inflatable units overlaid on one another and an arc-formed inflatable unit that supports the weather roof continue to constitute the heart of the liferaft. Features four anti-capsize pouches with a combined volume of 220 l, an inflatable entry ramp, windows, a rain water collection system, a lake anchor and internal and external mooring ropes. 2x relief valves for excess pressure, 3x inflation/deflation valves and 2x operating manual (one packaged in the raft, one for the owner). The raft includes a life-ring with a 30 m line and a belt under the raft to enable it to be straightened in an emergency.

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