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easy2-MOB with AIS & DSC


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early aug.

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The Weatherdock easyTOO is a combined AIS/DSC distress transmitter and can be triggered manually... more

Product information "easy2-MOB with AIS & DSC"

The Weatherdock easyTOO is a combined AIS/DSC distress transmitter and can be triggered manually or automatically. In the event of an emergency, the device sends an immediate alert to all vessels in the immediate vicinity, ensuring that rescue attempts can be made as quickly as possible. In addition, the powerful red LEDs and integrated strobe light increase visibility. DSC transmission The DSC function can alert up to eight vessels whose MMSI numbers have been programmed in advance via Bluetooth and the Weatherdock app. In addition to transmission, DSC signals can also be received. If no distress confirmation is received, an 'open loop distress call' is automatically sent. This signal can also be picked up and forwarded by commercial shipping, for example. This increases the chance of being rescued many times over. AIS transmission Parallel to the DSC transmission, AIS distress messages are transmitted. This signal is received by all vessels with AIS on board within a radius of up to 7 nautical miles. The data is updated and retransmitted every minute. Universally applicable The emergency transmitter does not require any special tools for mounting. Thanks to its compact size, it can simply be slid head down between the folded bladder of the lifejacket. The safety line must then be attached to an existing ring with a knot, for example. Other features at a glance Over 24 hours battery life Integrated LED flare and flashlight Floatable Frequencies: AIS: 161.75 and 162.025 MHz DSC: 156.525 MHz Transmit powers: AIS: 1 W DSC: 0.5 W Weight: 120 g

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