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The easyONE is the world's first fully automated AIS MOB (man overboard) emergency transmitter.... more

Product information "easyONE AIS MOB"

The easyONE is the world's first fully automated AIS MOB (man overboard) emergency transmitter. Its patented inflation mechanism has taken safety standards for both boat and crew to the top level. The patented inflator was developed by a group of experts and upon contact with water automatically releases a spiral antenna, activates the transmitter and initialises an AIS MOB emergency message. This emergency message can also be manually activated and will be received by all AIS receivers in a range of 7-8 nautical miles. It will be displayed on all visual devices, e.g. chart plotting devices (the range may be restricted by weather conditions and the height of the antenna). At 150 g, the easyONE is light and has two R17345 lithium cells, which guarantee an operating time of 36 hours at an ambient temperature of +10 °C. The service life of the batteries when not being used is 7 years if they are stored properly. The modern 56-channel GPS receiver that is built into the easyONE guarantees a cold start time of approx. 35 seconds from activation to satellite fix. The bright flashing light of the special high-power LED also makes it easier to find people at night. Its light weight and handy dimensions (168 x 48 x 27 mm) make it easy to pop the easyONE into any automatic life jacket. The device is completely waterproof (to 10 m), floats in water and can be used as an MOB buoy in combination with a life ring / life-saving collar. As a sensible additional piece of safety equipment, the easyONE can also be integrated into all common life rafts as part of maintenance procedures. The easyONE must always be attached to the personal equipment (life jacket, life ring) using the lifeline attached to the device, as this is the only way to guarantee that the easyONE and the person remain together in the water and that the rescue services can be directed to the correct location. In transmit mode, the easyONE sends the standard AIS messages 01 and 14. Message 01 includes the AIS position report, the device identification number, the course and the groundspeed. Message 14, which like Message 01 is constantly updated and is periodically re-sent, includes a safety message, the device identification number, the text messages MOB active and MOB test, which provide information on the device status. The test mode can be activated by pressing a button and shows the functional capacity of the emergency transmitter using the MOB test symbol. The easyONE AIS MOB can be used immediately. It does not require additional registration, etc. and can float in water. Power consumption: 1 W, Size: 16.8 x 4.8 x 2.7 cm, Weight: 150 g.

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