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Orbit Winches are lighter than any winch in their class and offer unmatched line grip and control with minimal rope wear. What else? Remarkably easy to service, they require no tools for disassembly and maintenance. Thanks to fully machined aluminium drums and highly efficient gearing, they weigh significantly less and offer lower line entry heights than any other winch in their class. These advantages are complemented by the drum’s smooth surface finish and instantly recognisable Power Ribs™; features borrowed from Andersen winches to provide the same impressive line grip and control with minimal rope wear. Ronstan’s patented QuickTrim self-tailing provides an entirely new user experience, allowing sailors to easily and safely ease line tension to make minor sail trim adjustments without removing the winch handle or taking the line out of the self-tailer. Respond and react instantly to minor course corrections or changes to wind pressure and direction and leave the competition in your wake.


Lightweight - Fully machined aluminium drums, Orbit Winches are the lightest in their class.

Power Ribs - Distinctive drum profile with Power Ribs provides impressive grip and control without chewing through your running rigging.

Easy maintenance - Full disassembly and assembly can be completed with NO TOOLS required

QuickTrim is a uniquely competitive edge 
for racing and a simple convenience when cruising, a standard feature on Orbit Winches 30QT and larger
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Article no.462791
Manufacturer product no.R-RA6201



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