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Raymarine ST 1000+ Tiller Pilot Raymarine ST 1000+ Tiller Pilot
Nowadays more and more large yachts are served by smaller crews than even before. In critical situations or on longer voyages a reliable automatic steering system can be a great help. Of course it should be a reliable system from...
£589.99 £429.99 You save 27%
Push rod extension Push rod extension
Suitable for Raymarine ST1000 + and ST2000 + tiller pilot
From £22.99
Raymarine i70s Tridata Raymarine i70s Tridata
The Raymarine Tridata i70 is the multifunctional device! The Tridata package includes a mast unit, a DST800 transducer, an iTC-5 converter, cables and a plug. The extra-large 4 inch display has an 160 ° angle of view and an...
£1,659.99 £1,499.99 You save 10%
Raymarine RayMic handset Raymarine RayMic handset
The Raymarine RayMic handset is an optional, fully functional second station for the Ray60E and Ray70E. It is compact and waterproof (IPX7). Dimensions: 6.7 x 15.1 x 3.3 cm.
Wireless multi-wind system Wireless multi-wind system
Tacktick T110 digital display Tacktick instruments are wireless and solar powered, which means that you do not need to worry about unprotected plugs and connectors or wire breakage caused by vibrations at high speeds. - No wiring:...
£1,129.99 £979.99 You save 13%
Raymarine T111 dual display Raymarine T111 dual display
• Wind• Direction/speed• Wind alarm (high)• Log • Alarm shallow water/deep water• Water temperature• Regatta timer
£649.99 £549.99 You save 15%
Raymarine i40 Log Raymarine i40 Log
• Display of current, highest and average speed, total and day distance as well as water temperature
Raymarine i40 Depth Sounder Raymarine i40 Depth Sounder
• Absolutely sharp depth display• Shallow water and depth alarm• Display of the minimum depth
Raymarine i40 Wind Raymarine i40 Wind
• Apparent wind speed and direction as well as true wind speed and direction (in connection with log or bidata) • Connection option for Rotavecta anemometer
Raymarine i40 Bidata Raymarine i40 Bidata
• Display of the speed, depth and water temperature• Display of two data sets in large or small numbers
Raymarine i50 Log Raymarine i50 Log
• Speed through the water• Speed over ground (GPS required)• Water temperature• Day and total mileage counter
Raymarine i50 Depth Sounder Raymarine i50 Depth Sounder
• Large numbers plus trend display• Minimum/maximum depth• Audio alarm for shallow water, anchor and deep water
£619.99 £549.99 You save 11%
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