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Compass offers both a huge selection of brands at bargain prices and appropriate gear recommendations for skippers.

Skippers’ gear

Developments in navigation electronics and technical accessories move so fast that they are almost impossible to keep track of. The most important factors for high-tech devices are tried and tested reliability and practical functionality. Below you will find some our recommendations: proven classics that every skipper should have on board.

And what could be better than a two-time test winner? Our Compass Binomaster 7 x 50 simply offers excellent performance and an even better price ... just like our Compass Binoculars: rugged marine binoculars with precision lenses. There are of course, many other binoculars by top-price brands - but always compare the price and performance!

Every skipper should have a handheld GPS just in case: one example is the famous Garmin 72 bundle, which is available at the incredible price of just €139.95. This device offers sufficient accuracy, functionality and reliability for any offshore trip. A VHF handheld transceiver should be on the cutting edge of technology. Although the Lowrance LHR-80 (with GPS) is just one of many examples, it is unique. It features an integrated GPS receiver, which makes the device versatile and provides added security. It can send your exact position directly via radio in case of emergency.

Compass Professional 300NCompass Comfort ISO 150NReliable life jackets are a must on board, and here are two recommendations from our wide range: First is our multiple test winner, the Compass Professional 300 N, which offers high buoyancy for persons over 70-80 kg. Second is our best-selling life jacket, the Compass Comfort ISO 150 N. Those who do not want a fully or semi-automatic jacket can also find approved non-inflatable life jackets at reasonable prices.

Boat gear

Because Compass has such a huge range in this area, we have chosen just a few essential items for owners of boats of any size. These are primarily excellent value-for-money products that our customers have kept asking for over the years.

Clipper DuetIn the field of navigation electronics, it is the Nasa Clipper Duet Instrument. It offers speed and distance logs on a combined display with sophisticated technology at a super price. I recommend it for retrofitting or upgrading your boat.

Every boat needs fenders: the stronger the better! It’s best to buy high-performance fenders with lines in a pack of 4.

Whether it’s anchor lines, tow ropes or fore and aft springs, you can’t have enough lines. Strong, high-quality ropes are essential: FSE offers strong ropes at a reasonable price.

Does your boat need another coat of antifouling? Perhaps this might be a good reason to change your system and save money. Compass antifoulings are highly effective brand products at bargain prices. For boat cleaning and care it is essential to have the correct substances: products tailored exactly to the boat’s materials. I advise strongly against aggressive household cleaners or allegedly discounted products for cars. The complete Compass Care Series provides top-quality, sustainable cleaning and protection for any boat material.

Compass dinghyAn inflatable dinghy with an outboard motor can make the summer even more enjoyable, whether as a yacht tender or for trips on lakes. If combustion engines are no longer permitted, you have to rely on electrical drives. The Torqeedo Outboard Motor has amazing range and optimum power control as well as award-winning technology and performance. If you are looking for a light, compact, reliable four-stroke motor, we recommend the Parsun four-stroke outboard motor. At approx. 2.5 hp, it is ideal for our compact Compass inflatable dinghy. Despite their low weight, Compass inflatable dinghies’ special fabric makes them very durable.

Folding Aluminium e-BikeAnother recommendation for travel comfort: if you can fit a foldable bike in your boot or locker, you need no longer fear long journeys through the harbour or shopping trips. Just have a look at a Compass folding bike: they are compact, lightweight and roadworthy. With the new e-bikes you can handle even longer tours along the coast and against the wind. A folding e-bike is really worth considering.