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Antislide Deck Covering

Antislide Deck Covering
(€33.54 / 1 Quadratmeter)

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The ideal deck covering for your boat. With Antislide you can seal your decks for long-term... more

Produktinformationen "Antislide Deck Covering"

The ideal deck covering for your boat. With Antislide you can seal your decks for long-term protection against water and moisture while giving them a slip-resistant surface for increased safety on board. The PVC surface is temperature and salt water-resistant, and also impervious to harmful UV radiation. The pyramidal structure of Antislide is particularly slip-resistant and soft to walk on at the same time, while the spec-ial material used on the underside guarantees a very durable bond with the adhesive. Width: 1.40 m.

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