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GISATEX® Antislide soft walk

GISATEX® Antislide soft walk
(£37.99 / 1 Square metres)

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GISATEX® Antislide soft walk is a great-looking non-slip surface for all areas on board where... more

Product information "GISATEX® Antislide soft walk"

GISATEX® Antislide soft walk is a great-looking non-slip surface for all areas on board where people regularly walk on wet surfaces or barefoot. The soft material fits the boat surfaces well and is easy to apply. It will also seal your deck durably against water and damp. It is made from 100% PVC and is thus resistant to temperature, salt water and ultraviolet radiation, as well as being hard-wearing and durable. When applying, simply ensure that the surface is free from grease and is dry. Its flexibility allows it to be cut to size with a pair of standard scissors or cutter. The edges can also be sealed with silicone after application. 1736 adhesive. Width: 140 cm. Available colours: white / grey
Material: 2mm Materialst�rke

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