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Owatrol DEKS OLJE D1 Owatrol DEKS OLJE D1
Colourless deep penetrating oil for saturating and protecting hard- wearing wood surfaces. D1 is absorbed deep into the wood and gives long lasting protection against moisture and damage. Coverage: 1.5 qm/l.
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Owatrol DEKS OLJE D2 Owatrol DEKS OLJE D2
High gloss covering coat for wood above the waterline previously treated and impregnated with D1. Shows up the grain and gives a tough hardwearing waterproof gloss coat that won't craze or peel. Coverage: 15 qm/l.
Owatrol Dilunett Owatrol Dilunett
Powerful paint stripper: up to 8 layers of paint are removed in one treatment, without harming gel coat and other hard plastics (duroplasts). Suitable for GRP, wood, steel and stone. The gel-type paint remover is solvent-free and gives...
Owatrol Net-Trol Owatrol Net-Trol
Tough on dirt: this brightener and cleaner penetrates into the smallest pores and effectively removes dirt particles effectively (contains oxalic acid). Restores the original colour to wood and removes oxidation or yellowing from GRP or...
Owatrol Oil Owatrol Oil
Rescue from rust: the high-quality rust sealant with strong penetrating properties. It even creeps upwards. Expels air and moisture from the pores and penetrates to the intact metal. The oil dries fast and can then be painted over. Can...