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NAVISAFE Navilight 360° 2NM NAVISAFE Navilight 360° 2NM
The NAVISAFE Navilight 360° 2NM has the distinction of being the best-selling navigation light. Extremely bright all-round light (360°) with a visibility of up to 5 nautical miles. 5 functions in one light: permanent light, strobe,...
NAVISAFE Navilight Tricolor 2NM NAVISAFE Navilight Tricolor 2NM
The NAVISAFE Navilight Tricolor 2NM is a light with 5 functions. Its bright, tri-colour light has a visibility of 2 nautical miles. Red (112.5°), white (135°), green (112.5°), white stern and red/green bow (225°) lights. The unit is...
Navisafe dinghy set Navisafe dinghy set
LED position lights in a set for inflatable boats up to 12 m, waterproof up to 20 m, visible up to 2 nm. The mounting mast consists of 4 tubes, which are plugged together. The vertical base is attached to the stern. The LED's are powered...
Navisafe magnetic holder Navisafe magnetic holder
Practical magnetic holder from Navisafe for easy attachment to the railing or a pipe.