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Raymarine Axiom MFD

Raymarine Axiom MFD
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Price Item number Screen Size in Inches Encoder
£719.99 350541 7 -
£869.99 350544 7 CPT-100DVS
£1,099.99 350545 7 RV-100 3D
£1,229.99 350542 9 -
£1,549.99 350546 9 CPT-100DVS
£1,749.99 350547 9 RV-100 3D
£2,579.99 350543 12 -
£3,099.99 350548 12 RV-100 3D
AXIOM. A powerful new multi-function navigation system from Raymarine. With an integrated... more

Product information "Raymarine Axiom MFD"

AXIOM. A powerful new multi-function navigation system from Raymarine. With an integrated RealVision 3D sonar, the completely new operating system LightHouse 3 and lightning-fast processing thanks to quad-core processor power, Axiom will fundamentally change how you spend your time on the water. Lightning-fast processing and high performance, with immediate access. Because Axiom is expandable, its abilities can grow along with your needs. It supports the full range of Raymarine accessories, including quantum radar, CHIRP sonar, FLIR thermal imaging cameras, audio integration, instruments, cameras and Evolution Autopilot. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection options offered as standard allow you to connect to the latest Raymarine apps for tablets and smartphones. Axiom is shipped with installation kits for surface and trunnion mounting, mounting hardware, power & data cables and installation guide. A robust full-glass display optimised for surface and console mounting. Elegant design that dispenses with control buttons; simply switch on by swiping with your finger. Support for the best maps from Navionics and for LightHouse raster and vector maps available from leading map producers such as NV Digital, Blue Latitude and others. Gyro-stabilised sonar technology. The gyro stabilisation balances out ship movements, allowing it to produce realistic 3D sonar imagery. Clear radar The new radar modes make operation easier while also offering quick access to sensitivity settings and improved status and range displays. LightHouse Live View Menu. Allows you to track radar settings in real time. The devices without a transducer are a version without sonar; it is not possible to connect a transducer to these. The devices with a CPT-100DVS transducer are a version with DownVision; it is not possible to connect a RealVision transducer to these.
Bluetooth: incl.
Operating mode: Touch

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