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DST810 Smart Multisensor Airmar Breakthrough Sensor

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Depth, speed through water, water temperature, boat attitude For a product to be considered a... more

Product information "DST810 Smart Multisensor Airmar Breakthrough Sensor"

Depth, speed through water, water temperature, boat attitude For a product to be considered a breakthrough, it must significantly change conventional behaviour and improve capabilities. The new DST810 Smart Multisensor, along with Airmar's CAST app, is the convergence of advanced hull data, combined with a simple and reliable way to calibrate the precise activation and deactivation of PGNs and match offset and speed wireless device. This changes the way boaters receive and deliver information to achieve better performance from their hulls. It is a simple and consistent way to calibrate speed through water, regardless of which output rate is fixed onboard display system. The DST810 and Airmar CAST App offer features previously available only through expensive PC-based software. In addition to water temperature, depth and the newly improved speed of 5 Hz (5X per second) through the water, the DST810 has an integrated position sensor for heel and trim data. This information, combined with Airmar's powerful and simple CAST app, enables fast and intuitive heel compensated speed calibration across multiple heel angles and speed ranges, and is independent of on-board instruments. NEW - 5 Hz speed output (5 times per second) for visibly smoother speed-through water reports and faster data for better decisions NEW - The integrated position control sensor for heel and trim benefits sail and powerboats NEW - Simple position calibration to correct off-centre mounting NEW - The wireless connection to Airmar's CAST app offers new user-friendly benefits Calibrate the DST810 in a simple and intuitive way, regardless of the make or model of instrument on board Perform basic and advanced heel compensated speed calibrations to improve speed through water across the entire speed range Advanced speed calibration allows manual speed input for multiple heel angles and up to 10 speeds previously only possible using expensive PC software.

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