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Garmin Autopilot System Reactor 40 Universal / incl. GHC20

Garmin Autopilot System Reactor 40 Universal / incl. GHC20
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The autopilot not only tracks the course in almost all weather and wind conditions, but can also... more

Product information "Garmin Autopilot System Reactor 40 Universal / incl. GHC20"

The autopilot not only tracks the course in almost all weather and wind conditions, but can also be used with chartplotters. An optional radio remote control is available to operate various pre-programmed trolling and search procedures smoothly Ideal autopilot system suitable for beginners, Includes Compact Reactor 40 starter pack and GHC 20 marine autopilot control unit, Recommended for boats with an outboard motor and a length of less than 9 metres (30 feet), Solid-state AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System) with 9 axes, Minimises heading errors, course deviations, rudder movements and also available. power consumption while making the ride more comfortable for everyone on board, Minimal commissioning and calibration. The perform. Compact Reactor 40 hydraulic autopilot is designed for boats less than 30 feet (9 metres) in length, and will take the strain off the helm, especially at medium to high speeds, so you don't have to hold the course manually1. Just relax at the helm and enjoy your time on the water, while the solid-state 9-axis AHRS (available) provides industry-leading coverage, clarity and detail with a more comfortable ride for everyone on board. The autopilot is available in 3 basic packages, so you can configure it depending on the features you need and your budget. Purchase the updated coastal chart, Garmin integrated content and starter pack (compatible chartplotter required2), and add a GHC 20 marine autopilot controller or both a GHC 20 and Shadow Drive . Flexible mounting options make installation Navionics® inclusive. Always in control with Shadow Drive technology. The autopilot is made easy, and commissioning is quick and simple. Choose the basic package with our patented ShadowCompact Reactor 40 autopilot, which supports the optional Drive technology so all you have to do is turn the wheel to take the wheel again. If you maintain a straight course, the patented Shadow Drive technology will take over. This gives you additional autopilot back. The unit integrates with compatible Garmin devices to allow autopilot operation from the chartplotter display. You can also add safety to the autopilot by knowing that even when the autopilot is activated, you can still follow an Auto Guidance route3 (BlueChart® g3 required). Solid-state AHRS with 9 axes, advanced to keep you in control at all times. Once the helm is turned, the Compact Reactor 40's flexible 9-axis solid-state AHRS automatically disables the autopilot, giving you mounting options. In addition, the new system significantly minimises heading error, course deviation, rudder movement and power consumption. When you maintain a straight course, the autopilot automatically re-engages while making the ride more comfortable for everyone on board. Connects to network devices. The lets. Changing sea conditions? No problem. This fantastic autopilot reacts to sea conditions to maintain course. Even Compact Reactor 40 can be controlled directly from the display of your compatible When the boat heels and rolls, you can trust the Garmin chartplotter1 or up to 3 GHC controls to keep the Reactor 40 autopilot on course. Minimal setup and calibration. All autopilots require calibration. The GHC communicates with the commissioning and calibration via the NMEA 2000® network. Without exception. However, because we know that autopilots want to get heading data from the autopilot onto the water as quickly as possible, we have made the process as quick and easy as possible. Full integration with Garmin devices. Can be used in other devices. This allows MARPA and combination with compatible network devices, you have chart overlays activated anywhere on the boat when a Garmin radar and full control of the Compact Reactor 40. The system not only keeps

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