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TARGET/CRUISER Fluxgate Compass TARGET/CRUISER Fluxgate Compass
The fully gimballed compass sensor can be surface-mounted or suspended and gives an accuracy of +/- 1° with 9 progressive damping settings. Current usage: 90 mA (100 mA with back-light). Size: 13 x 10 x 3cm.
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Clipper Depth Sounder Clipper Depth Sounder
In the same format as the log with 0.8-100m range, keel offset, deep and shallow alarms, feet or metres, selectable auto gain control and depth averaging, depth trend and ‘no echo’ indicator. Supplied with cover and 150 kHz transducer...
Nasa Clipper Battery Monitor Nasa Clipper Battery Monitor
Efficient energy use: ideal combined display for 12 V battery systems with a capacity of 650 Ah. Monitors voltage, charge/discharge, Ah, charge state and charge and discharge time. Supplied with 100Ah shunt and connection cable for...
CLIPPER Navtex Receiver 518/490 CLIPPER Navtex Receiver 518/490
Specially developed for small boats drawing only 50 mA (100 mA with back-light). Using an 8 line LCD display it requires no expensive paper rolls, but stores 200 lines of memory. Will receive all new stations as they come on-line....
Displays speed from 0-30 knots in 0.1 k increments, trip distance to 999.9 nm, back-lit display, easy operation. Supplied with paddle-wheel sensor. Current usage: 12-22 mA, dimensions: 13 x 10 x 3cm.
Displays depth from 0.8 - 100 ms with keel offset and adjustable deep and shallow alarms. Current usage: 12-22 mA, Size: 13 x 10 x 3cm.
TARGET/CRUISER Windspeed/Direction TARGET/CRUISER Windspeed/Direction
The initial set-up aligns the boat`s head with the wind indicator thus enabling the mast head unit to be mounted in any convenient orientation. 360° display of apparent wind and digital windspeed. 12mA consumption, dimensions: 13 x 10 x...
From £179.99
Clipper Duet Clipper Duet
Log and depth sounder in one 11 x 11cm instrument. With its large clear back-lit display, you can see speed in knots, mph or kph, depth in feet or metres and distance in miles, nautical miles or km. There is also a keel offset...
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Clipper Log Clipper Log
Easy to read and simple to operate with 40mm high digits and 7 levels of back lighting in an 11qcm case. Speed in knots/mph up to 30kn, trip, total distance, acceleration/deceleration trend indicator and selectable speed averaging....
Clipper Wind Indicator Clipper Wind Indicator
Matches the other instruments and gives wind speed in knots, mph or metres/sec with 360° direction indication in 60 segments. Selectable pointer format and electronic damping. Supplied with masthead unit and 15m cable.
Clipper Compass Clipper Compass
Electronic compass with remote fully gimballed fluxgate sensor offering +/- 1 deg accuracy, auto calibration, 7 levels of illumination, true or magnetic bearings, course steering function and off course alarm. Supplied with 5 ms of cable.
NASA Clipper GPS Repeater NASA Clipper GPS Repeater
Fits most GPS receivers with NMEA 0183 output to provide an extra screen. Large numerals can be seen from a distance or at night and all the GPS data can be called up. Simple and clever. 11 x 11 x 5.7cm. Supplied with 10 m cable and...
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