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Lowrance Link 5 Lowrance Link 5
VHF sea and inland radio system with DSC class D and ATIS. The installation device with hand-held microphone is compact and waterproof (JIS-7/IPX-7). The illuminated display is large and very easy to read. The transmission power can be...
Lowrance SonarHub™ sounder Lowrance SonarHub™ sounder
The compact SonarHub™ module provides an all-in-one solution for adding best-in-class StructureScan® HD and CHIRP sonar capabilities to compatible Lowrance fishfinder/chartplotter displays. Plug-and-play compatibility with the...
Lowrance Link-2 with GPS Lowrance Link-2 with GPS
The Link-2 from Lowrance is a powerful handheld radio with an added 12-channel GPS receiver so you can see your exact position on the set and communicate it directly by radio. The set can be switched from 5W to 1W and is powered by a...
€299.95 €219.95 You save 27%
Lowrance Link-8 Lowrance Link-8
VHF offshore and inshore radio system for fixed installation on board. With its robust design, waterproof in acc. with IPX-7, the 2-way radio has a DSC controller class D for offshore broadcasting with all international channels. Add to...
Lowrance PD-WBL depth transducer Lowrance PD-WBL depth transducer
Lowrance PD-WBL 83/200 kHz shoot-thru-hull / trolling motor-mounted skimmer® (deep only), blue connector
LSS-2 transom transducer LSS-2 transom transducer
LSS-2 transom transducer
Lowrance Broadband Radar 3G Lowrance Broadband Radar 3G
The revolutionary Lowrance Broadband Radar™ provides amazing short range target discrimination. At an unprecedented 1/32 nm range, docks, channel markers, moored vessels and other critical targets are displayed with pronounced clarity...
€2,021.81 €1,499.95 You save 26%
Lowrance NMEA 2000® starter kit Lowrance NMEA 2000® starter kit
The Lowrance NMEA 2000® starter kit includes extension cables, connectors, terminators and a power node. It supports a variety of connections. Use up to 50 devices as transmitters and receivers within the network. A single multi-function...
LOWRANCE 4G Radar Kit - Broadband 4G LOWRANCE 4G Radar Kit - Broadband 4G
Broadband 4G Radar Our revolutionary Broadband 4G Radar offers all the benefits of the Broadband 3G Radar, but adds a number of additional spectacular improvements alongside the 100m detection range. Broadband 4G™ Radar has an impressive...
TotalScan Skimmer TotalScan Skimmer
As an all-in-one transducer the TotalScan™ Skimmer includes the tried-and-tested wide-band and CHIRP sonar with StructureScan® HD and DownScan Imaging™ technologies, allowing you to optimise your search for fish stocks and catching...
Lowrance Link-6 Lowrance Link-6
A low-cost VHF radio for maritime and inland radio with integrated DSC and ATIS controller. Connection and data exchange with the GPS source is achieved via the NMEA 0183 interface. The device is very compact and can be placed anywhere...
Lowrance FishHunter 3D Lowrance FishHunter 3D
Wireless fishfinder for iOS, Apple and Android smartphones and tablets for depths of up to 48 m; the maximum Wi-Fi range is 60 m. A tri-frequency transponder with 381, 475 and 675 kHz also enables a trolling speed of 3.2 km/h. Sonar...
€239.95 €219.95 You save 8%
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