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Liros Herkules Vision Liros Herkules Vision
The Liros Hercules Vision can be used as a sheet, forerunner, tensioner or trim line. Quality for any yacht. The Liros Herkules Vision adheres to the winch well, is durable and does not elongate. The 1:1 braided polyester sheath of the...
From £1.90
Liros whipping twine Liros whipping twine
Waxed: 1.5 mm / 20 m.
Stretch Cord Stretch Cord
Use practically anywhere! Very elastic stretch cord made of branded rubber with excellent stretch characteristics. Outer sheath of abrasion-resistant high strength polyester. Colour: white with blue/yellow threads.
From £0.90
Liros D-Pro Liros D-Pro
The Liros D-Pro is the universal wire alternative for stays, forerunners and shackles. It is made from 100% Dyneema, 12-strand braided with a stretch rate of 1% and has high UV stability. The Liros D-Pro is easy to splice.
From £1.00
Liros Top Cruising Liros Top Cruising
Length: 30 m; Ø: 5 mm; Breaking load: 780 daN.
Liros standard sheet Liros standard sheet
Good-value, soft Liros standard sheet made from grippy worsted, thermofixed polyester.- Operating elongation <8 % - Soft and high-grip - All-round sheet - Sheath: worsted polyester - Construction: Ø 6-12 mm: 16-braid; from Ø 14 mm:...
From £16.99
Liros all-round sheet Liros all-round sheet
Good-value Liros all-round sheet and spisheet for cruising enthusiasts. - Low water absorption, easy to handle, abrasion-proof, thermofixed. - Operating elongation <8 % - Handy, good-value, winch-compatible sheet - Sheath construction...
From £16.99
Liros Squareline PP Liros Squareline PP
The Liros Squareline PP is a very handy, lightweight line for use as a mooring line, land line or tow line. It is very strong, floats and is UV-stabilised. - Operating elongation: <15% - Very handy and lightweight - Floating material -...
From £19.99
Liros Squareline PA Liros Squareline PA
The Liros Squareline is an 8-braid mooring line and anchor line with very high elongation. - 8-braid - Spliceable - Very high elongation - UV-stabilised - 100% brand polyamide
From £23.99
Liros Porto mooring line Liros Porto mooring line
The Liros Porto mooring line is particularly popular thanks to its good handling. 16-plaited with additional nylon protection, impresses with its top-quality characteristics. Extremely tear- and abrasion-resistant; polyester material...
£29.99 From £19.99 You save 33%
Bungee Cords, 5-Part Set Bungee Cords, 5-Part Set
Made of long lasting stretch rubber with durable nylon sheathing and sturdy nylon hooks.
From £3.99
LIROS Regatta 2000 LIROS Regatta 2000
Core made from 100% Dyneema, 16 strand braiding.
From £2.70
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