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LIROS Dynamic plus LIROS Dynamic plus
With low stretch and high resistance to fraying. Soft, no kinks, no fatigue, and fantastic chafe resistance.
From £1.60
LIROS Herkules Color LIROS Herkules Color
Very strong rope of the highest quality. For use as sheet, halyard or trim lines in yachts of all sizes. The first choice for cruiser sailors.
From £1.80
Liros D-Pro Liros D-Pro
The Liros D-Pro is the universal wire alternative for stays, forerunners and shackles. It is made from 100% Dyneema, 12-strand braided with a stretch rate of 1% and has high UV stability. The Liros D-Pro is easy to splice.
From £1.00
Liros Top Cruising Liros Top Cruising
Length: 30 m; Ø: 5 mm; Breaking load: 780 daN.
Liros standard sheet Liros standard sheet
Good-value, soft Liros standard sheet made from grippy worsted, thermofixed polyester.- Operating elongation <8 % - Soft and high-grip - All-round sheet - Sheath: worsted polyester - Construction: Ø 6-12 mm: 16-braid; from Ø 14 mm:...
From £16.99
Liros all-round sheet Liros all-round sheet
Good-value Liros all-round sheet and spisheet for cruising enthusiasts. - Low water absorption, easy to handle, abrasion-proof, thermofixed. - Operating elongation <8 % - Handy, good-value, winch-compatible sheet - Sheath construction...
From £16.99
Liros Squareline PP Liros Squareline PP
The Liros Squareline PP is a very handy, lightweight line for use as a mooring line, land line or tow line. It is very strong, floats and is UV-stabilised. - Operating elongation: <15% - Very handy and lightweight - Floating material -...
From £19.99
Liros Squareline PA Liros Squareline PA
The Liros Squareline is an 8-braid mooring line and anchor line with very high elongation. - 8-braid - Spliceable - Very high elongation - UV-stabilised - 100% brand polyamide
From £23.99
Liros Porto mooring line Liros Porto mooring line
The Liros Porto mooring line is particularly popular thanks to its good handling. 16-plaited with additional nylon protection, impresses with its top-quality characteristics. Extremely tear- and abrasion-resistant; polyester material...
£29.99 From £19.99 You save 33%
Bungee Cords, 5-Part Set Bungee Cords, 5-Part Set
Made of long lasting stretch rubber with durable nylon sheathing and sturdy nylon hooks.
From £3.99
LIROS Regatta 2000 LIROS Regatta 2000
Core made from 100% Dyneema, 16 strand braiding.
From £2.70
LIROS Herkules LIROS Herkules
1 x 1 braiding, with a special covering to protect the rope from chafe from clutches and stoppers, etc.
From £1.50
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