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Trilux 33 Trilux 33
is a high-performance anti-fouling agent in glowing colours. The new formula provides better protection and is gleaming white. Based on the Biolux technology®. The slowly polishing effect accommodates layer degradation and an...
(€59.93 / 1 Liter)
From €44.95
VC Offshore EU VC Offshore EU
Powerful hard anti-fouling agent, suited for complicated fouling conditions with a smooth, thin surface, suited for sailboats, motorboats and regatta boats. The surface coated with the anti-fouling agent is easy to clean and...
(€62.60 / 1 Liter)
From €46.95
International Super Gloss HS International Super Gloss HS
International Super Gloss HS is a high-gloss paint for application by roller. It has a low VOC content and is easy to apply even at low temperatures. Super Gloss HS offers a deep gloss, even after just 1-2 layers. It is suitable for...
(€33.32 / 1 Liter)
From €24.99
Thinners No. 1 Thinners No. 1
not shown) For thinning: Toplac, Pre-Kote Undercoat, Interdeck, Danboline, Interstain and Original
Thinners No. 3 Thinners No. 3
(not shown) For thinning: Micron Extra, Cruiser Uno, Interspeed Ultra, Trilux, Primocon, Interstrip AF.
Thinners No. 7 Thinners No. 7
For thinning: Interprotect, Gelshield 200.
Interprotect Interprotect
Two-component epoxy primer for use on steel and aluminium, above and below water. Coverage: 8.1 qm/l, thinners: No. 7. 750ml
(€39.99 / 1 Liter)
€49.99 €29.99 You save 40%
Primocon Primocon
One-component primer for use on steel and aluminium, below water. Coverage: 7.4 qm/ltr, thinners: No. 3.750ml~2.5 litres
(€26.65 / 1 Liter)
€35.99 From €19.99 You save 44%
Yacht Primer Yacht Primer
General purpose primer for use on wood, steel and alloy above water. Coverage: 12 qm/ltr, thinners: No. 1. 750ml
(€31.99 / 1 Liter)
€35.99 €23.99 You save 33%
Gelshield 200 Gelshield 200
Highly effective, quick-drying epoxy offering protection against osmosis. Suitable for use in low temperatures.Coverage: 8.1 qm/ltr, thinners: No. 7.
(€39.99 / 1 Liter)
€49.99 From €29.99 You save 40%
VC Prop-O-Drev VC Prop-O-Drev
Effective protection for propellers, drives & trim tabs. Spray can allows all difficult areas to be easily reached. The primer ensures good adhesion and provides corrosion protection for metal and aluminium. 500ml. Coverage: 1.5qm/spray...
(€59.98 / 1 Liter)
€53.99 €29.99 You save 44%
VC Tar 2 epoxy VC Tar 2 epoxy
Tar-free 2-component epoxy primer providing good protection against osmosis for GRP and corrosion protection for all steel and aluminium boats. No sanding between coats. Does not discolour light antifoulings. Coverage: 11.3 qm/l....
€65.99 From €36.99 You save 44%
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