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ICOM IC-M25 handheld transceiver ICOM IC-M25 handheld transceiver
The ICOM IC-M25 VHF handheld transceiver has a Float ‘n Flash function. Waterproof in accordance with IPX7, user-friendly and lightweight (just 30.5 mm thick and 220 g). Features an integrated 1500 mAh Li ion battery with a Micro-B type...
The ICOM IC-M73 EURO Plus handheld marine radio has many features. It has a Dual/Tri-Watch function for monitoring Channel 16 and/or the call channel, a tag scan function, a recording function, a bass-booster function and active...
ICOM Commandmic HM-195GB ICOM Commandmic HM-195GB
The ICOM Commandmic HM-195GB: The perfect handheld microphone for the IC-M423G. The perfect secondary station - features all operating functions. Waterproof in accordance with IPX7. Includes a 6.1 m cable, a microphone hanger and a...
ICOM HM-213 speaker microphone ICOM HM-213 speaker microphone
The HM-213 by ICOM is an optional floating speaker microphone for the IC-M25.
ICOM IC-M93D EURO handheld radio ICOM IC-M93D EURO handheld radio
The housing of the world’s slimmest floating DSC radio handset has a depth of just 38.5 mm. The LCD display (5.8 cm diagonally) is always easy to read. The intuitive user interface leaves nothing to be desired. The device is Class D DSC...
ICOM IC-M35 handheld transceiver ICOM IC-M35 handheld transceiver
The ICOM IC-M35 is a buoyant transceiver with CLEAR VOICE BOOST. The specially developed microphone filters out all disturbing noises, so that the IC-M35 always sends your messages in top audio quality. Other features include instant...