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Hempel's Teak Oil Hempel's Teak Oil
Hempel's Teak Oil is a transparent natural oil for teak wood. It's lack of silicone oil means that your deck retains its non-slip properties. Suitable for new teak and teak treated with natural oil both indoors and outdoors. Not suitable...
(£23.99 / 1 Litres)
Hempels Silic One Fouling Release Hempels Silic One Fouling Release
Discover Hempel's latest innovation and technological excellence - the new, silicone-based fouling release system! This fantastic, biocide-free product is based on silicone and hydrogel, which gives the coating properties similar to...
(£79.99 / 1 Litres)
Hempel's Silic One Tiecoat Hempel's Silic One Tiecoat
Hempel's Silic One Tiecoat is a suitable base for Hempel's Silic One Fouling Release. Colour: yellow. Contents: 750 ml.
(£46.65 / 1 Litres)
Hempel's Prop NCT Antifouling Spray Hempel's Prop NCT Antifouling Spray
Hempel's Prop NCT is a high-performance, self-polishing antifouling spray for propellers and stern drives. The self-renewing effect offers good protection from fouling during the season. Contents: 500 ml. Use biocides safely! Always read...
(£49.98 / 1 Litres)
Dura gloss varnish Dura gloss varnish
Transparent single component lacquer on urethane-alkyd basis with extremely good resistance values against alcohol and cleansing agents above all. Full use of a surface just a few hours after application. Quick-drying hard lacquer,...
(£29.32 / 1 Litres)
Mille NCT Mille NCT
Extremely effective, powerful and self-polishing. The patented nanocapsule technology ensures a perfect balance between polishing rate and release of the fouling-inhibiting agents. A ground-breaking result, because the entire process can...
(£63.99 / 1 Litres)
From £47.99
Hempel's Hard Racing TecCel Hempel's Hard Racing TecCel
Hempel's Hard Racing TecCel is a hard antifouling that becomes smoother and creates less friction when TecCel is added. Specially developed for fast motorboats and speedboats. If you like high speed, Hempel's Hard Racing TecCel is the...
(£53.32 / 1 Litres)
From £39.99
Light Primer Light Primer
Waterproof two-component primer for use above and below water as a hard antifouling primer on GRP, steel and aluminium hulls. Highly recommended for osmosis prevention and as a primer for Poly Best. 750ml. Coverage: ca. 8 qm/l. thinners:...
(£39.99 / 1 Litres)
From £29.99
Hempel Underwater Primer Hempel Underwater Primer
Underwater primer (1 component) for all underwater areas including the keel. Use to key surface before antifouling. Not suitable for overpainting with Water Glide antifouling or paints! Coverage approx. 7.5 m_/L, thin with Hempel Thinner...
(£29.32 / 1 Litres)
From £21.99
Hempel Classic AF Hempel Classic AF
Anti-foulant with solvent binding agent on yachts and boats that are mainly laid up in cold and temperate waters for short periods. Attention; H226; H318; H317; H336; H372; H410; GHS02; GHS05; GHS08; GHS07; GHS09
(£26.65 / 1 Litres)
From £19.99
Hempel Silic One Propeller Kit Hempel Silic One Propeller Kit
The Silic One can even be applied over the old anti-foulant of the propeller if it is still in good condition. The self-cleaning effect even works if the propeller is running at low speeds. Volume: 0.375 l primer and 0.375 l...
Yacht Thinners 0808 Yacht Thinners 0808
Thinning for all Hempel Antifoulings. 750ml
(£22.65 / 1 Litres)
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