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Harken Carbo AirBlocks TiLite Block Harken Carbo AirBlocks TiLite Block
Harken Carbo AirBlocks TiLite Block low-friction Carbo AirBlocks® are light, strong and reliable. Carbo AirBlocks TiLite Harken Blocks are small, compact blocks that work at very high speed and durability for safe, simple trimming are no...
From £24.99
Single Block Single Block
From £14.99
Single Block Single Block
From £27.99
Double Block Double Block
From £49.99
Harken cam cleat Harken cam cleat
Extremely stable aluminium jaws, highly durable ball bearings and low friction for easy insertion of the sheet.
From £29.99
Harken winch crank Speedgrip Harken winch crank Speedgrip
Proven, extremely robust and easy to operate. One of the most frequently sold winch cranks, popular with regatta and cruiser captains alike. The ball bearings ensure easy rotation and its power is applied where needed. Weight: 0.5 kg....
£99.99 £69.99 You save 30%
Harken radial winch Harken radial winch
Each drum of the Harken radial winch is made from high-quality chrome or aluminium, while the self-tailing jaws and skirts are made from white composite. The handle surfaces have diagonal ribs to optimise grip and reduce line wear. The...
£149.99 From £129.99 You save 13%
Aluminium Radial Winch Aluminium Radial Winch
This winch impresses with its bold, contemporary styling and the technical excellence Harken is known for. The winch features mirror-finished chrome drums with white composite tops, self-tailing jaws, and skirts to provide an aesthetic...
£479.99 From £429.99 You save 10%
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