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Cleaner “Teak Wonder” Cleaner “Teak Wonder”
Effortlessly removes discolora- tion, oil, grease and ingrained dirt. Contains no aggressive acids, harmless to skin and the environment.
Brightener “Teak Wonder” Brightener “Teak Wonder”
Just apply and rinse off to reveal the deep golden hue of teak. Brings out the wood grain for that freshly sanded appearance.
Sealer “Teak Wonder” Sealer “Teak Wonder”
Penetrates deep into the wood without changing its natural structure, preserving the teak hue for months and preventing oil and dirt from penetrating.
Set of 3 “Teak Wonder” Set of 3 “Teak Wonder”
Cleaner, brightener & Sealer in a set!
€45.85 €34.85 You save 24%