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Set of Two Pontoon Fenders Set of Two Pontoon Fenders
The special construction of this fender makes it especially suitable for secure attachments to platforms, smooth sheet pile walls or piers. Affixed using eight screws (not included).Length x height x thickness: 100 x 12 x 7 cm
€57.90 €47.90 You save 17%
POLYFORM Fender. Long fender with extremely robust twin eyes and reinforcing ribs. Equipped with special POLYFORM valve. Available in various models.
From €13.95
Bathing Ladder with wooden rungs Bathing Ladder with wooden rungs
Folding stainless bathing ladder suitable for both sailing and motor yachts with comfortable and smart varnished wooden steps. Adjustable spacer. 25mm tube, width 28.5cm.
From €119.95
Corner Dock Fender Corner Dock Fender
Adjustable to fit any angle down to 90°. Simply mounted with 8 screws (not supplied). Short arm: inside: 10cm, Outside 16.5cm. Long arm: inside 28cm, Outside: 34.3cm. Height: 12cm, depth 7cm
Double Action Lift Pump »Bravo 4« Double Action Lift Pump »Bravo 4«
Strong powerful pump made of impact-resistant plastic. Pumping/sucking action, 6 litres capacity/DIN volume 2 x 2000 ccm. With 140cm hose and universal adaptor for all popular boat valves.
Inflatable dinghy adapter Inflatable dinghy adapter
Suitable for inflatable dinghies with bayonet lock
LIROS Splicing Kit LIROS Splicing Kit
Premium splicing kit for both the sailing pro and for the technically sophisticated leisure sailor with LIROS splicing tools and accessories for all known yacht lashing constructions. Includes: 1 x whipping needle; 1 x rope fid; 3 x...
Compass Hot Cutter + Spare Blade Set Compass Hot Cutter + Spare Blade Set
Electric 60 W / 230 V hot cutter that is ready for use in seconds for rigging. Can be used to directly weld synthetic rope ends at up to 800°C and prevent them from being twisted apart. Features double overheat protection, safety on/off...
€116.90 €89.90 You save 23%
TESSILMARE Dock Fender 90 TESSILMARE Dock Fender 90
The TESSILMARE Dock Fender 90 offers greater protection for your boat. This robust black dock fender is made from high-quality PVC and is easy to attach to outriggers, pile moorings or jetties using Spax screws (order now). It cushions...
From €49.95
TESSILMARE Dock Fender end TESSILMARE Dock Fender end
This TESSILMARE Dock Fender end is the end piece for the Dock Fender 90.
From €29.95
Liros D-Pro Liros D-Pro
The Liros D-Pro is the universal wire alternative for stays, forerunners and shackles. It is made from 100% Dyneema, 12-strand braided with a stretch rate of 1% and has high UV stability. The Liros D-Pro is easy to splice.
From €1.00
Compass CX inflatable dinghy Compass CX inflatable dinghy
CX inflatable dinghy series from Compass with wooden-slat or inflatable bottom. Made from robust PVC material with a stable outboard plate. The oarlocks are simple to insert thanks to the Easy-Click-Fix system and can be quickly and...
From €399.95
Aluminium Gangway Aluminium Gangway
Super-lightweight foldable aluminium gangway with non-slip tread. Includes wheels and pivots. Length: 210 cm, Width: 36 cm, Weight: 10 kg, Max. load: 120 kg.
From €379.95
Liros Top Cruising Liros Top Cruising
Length: 30 m; �: 5 mm; Breaking load: 780 daN.
seaEQ Hook�n Loop Tape (set of 4) seaEQ Hook�n Loop Tape (set of 4)
seaEQ Hook�n Loop Tape fixes everything that needs to be put together quickly. It is super-stable and has excellent holding properties. The fact that loop is easy to use and the right length makes it suitable for any purpose. Made from...
From €19.95
FSE Robline Ocean 3000 XG FSE Robline Ocean 3000 XG
The FSE Robline Ocean 3000 XG is ideal as a halyard or forerunner. 12-Strand braided Dyneema� SK78 for very high breaking loads at low weight. Little elongation; easy to splice. UV-resistant and extremely abrasion-proof.
From €1.50
FSE Robline Coppa 500 FSE Robline Coppa 500
The soft, grippy FSE Robline Coppa 500 is the ideal sheet. It is made from soft PES with a high-quality PES core. It is ideal for winches with smooth drums or for manual operation.
From €1.80
FSE Robline Sirius 500 FSE Robline Sirius 500
The Sirius 500 is FSE Robline�s classic sheet, halyard and trim line. Double-braided PES, low elongation, long service life. Excellent value for money.
From €1.30
FSE Robline Neptun 500 FSE Robline Neptun 500
The FSE Robline Neptun 500 is a universal sheet that is soft and very grippy. The sheath is made from high-quality PES for a secure grip. Very suitable as a mainsheet or genoa sheet.
From €0.90
FSE Robline Orion 300 FSE Robline Orion 300
The FSE Robline Neptun 300 is a versatile universal line that is UV-resistant, durable and comfortable to handle. A classic in the cruising area in a traditional design.
From €1.00
FSE Robline Dinghy Coppa FSE Robline Dinghy Coppa
The FSE Robline Dinghy Coppa is a modern universal line with a soft PES sheath and an XLF core. Good handling, low water absorption. A perfect line for dinghies.
From €0.90
FSE Robline Albatros FSE Robline Albatros
The FSE Robline Albatros is made from a lightweight XLF fibres in a hollow braid construction and makes a good foreline or towline on a dinghy. Floats in water, light and compact with blue thread.
From €0.70
FSE Robline Rio FSE Robline Rio
The FSE Robline� Polyester Rio is a kink-free mooring line with a high breaking load and good stretch characteristics. Very UV-resistant and easy to splice. A classic!
From €1.50
FSE Robline Orion 500 FSE Robline Orion 500
The FSE Robline Orion 500 is an all-purpose PES on mini spool. Suitable for all types of applications. Very high-quality braid.
(€0.40 / 1 Meter)
Globe 5000 MK2 Globe 5000 MK2
The all-rounder for performance use onboard. 32-Braid sheath made from PES and with Dyneema� in the core for a high breaking load.
From €2.80
FSE Robline Sirius 1000 FSE Robline Sirius 1000
The FSE Robline Sirius 1000 is a halyard, sheet or trim line for cruiser performance sailors. 32-braid sheath made from PES and Dyneema� XLF-braid for low elongation and a high breaking low.
From €1.40
Liros PES mooring line Liros PES mooring line
The Liros PES mooring line is made from 3-strand twisted continuous polyester yarn and has good tensile properties. At one end there is a spliced Niro grommet; at the other, a 27-cm spliced loop. Does not harden in water, abrasion-proof...
From €24.95
Liros standard sheet Liros standard sheet
Good-value, soft Liros standard sheet made from grippy worsted, thermofixed polyester.- Operating elongation <8 % - Soft and high-grip - All-round sheet - Sheath: worsted polyester - Construction: � 6-12 mm: 16-braid; from � 14 mm:...
From €16.95
Liros all-round sheet Liros all-round sheet
Good-value Liros all-round sheet and spisheet for cruising enthusiasts. - Low water absorption, easy to handle, abrasion-proof, thermofixed. - Operating elongation <8 % - Handy, good-value, winch-compatible sheet - Sheath construction...
From €16.95
Liros Squareline PP Liros Squareline PP
The Liros Squareline PP is a very handy, lightweight line for use as a mooring line, land line or tow line. It is very strong, floats and is UV-stabilised. - Operating elongation: <15% - Very handy and lightweight - Floating material -...
From €19.95
Liros Squareline PA Liros Squareline PA
The Liros Squareline is an 8-braid mooring line and anchor line with very high elongation. - 8-braid - Spliceable - Very high elongation - UV-stabilised - 100% brand polyamide
From €23.95
Polyamide 8 Polyamide 8
Very good and handy all-purpose line with long service life. Made from 8-braid polyamide.
From €0.35
Lofrans foot switch Lofrans foot switch
Foot switch for electric anchor or sheet windlasses. The stainless-steel housing is watertight. The shatterproof plastic protective cap ensures that the switch cannot be operated accidently. Option of black or red rubber cap and �UP� and...
Lofrans circuit breaker Lofrans circuit breaker
Circuit breaker for anchor windlasses. Switches off power in the event of a short circuit. Protects the electric motor from overloading using time/power-based switching. Voltage: 12 / 24 V.
From €89.95
Swim ladder with plastic steps Swim ladder with plastic steps
AISI 316 stainless-steel folding swim ladder with non-slip plastic rungs. Plastic spacers make it suitable for both sailing boats and motorboats. Tube diameter: 25 mm. Width: 30 cm.
From €99.95
seaEQ bow fender (BF) seaEQ bow fender (BF)
The seaEQ bow fender protects your boat from damage. The fender can be easily attached using a rope. The heavy, highly tear-proof polyester fabric ensures a long service life. In the event of impact, cushioning is provided by a strong,...
From €69.95
seaEQ dock fender seaEQ dock fender
This dock fender ensures that your yacht can glide along it and prevents sudden stops to your manoeuvres. The fender attaches directly to the dock, jetty or pontoon with screws or cable ties. It is made from closed-cell polyethylene foam...
From €39.95
POLYFORM Long Fender POLYFORM Long Fender
POLYFORM Long Fender. Exceptionally strong and robust long fender, developed for use in commercial shipping. Available in various models.
From €38.95
Polyform buoy Polyform buoy
Polyform buoy. Buoys with reinforced eyelets for heavy loading. Indispensable for deep sea fishing and offshore use. Available in various models.
From €19.95
POLYFORM Fender Sock POLYFORM Fender Sock
POLYFORM Fender Sock. Made from 100% acrylic, this fender sock for long fenders protects the material, prevent unwanted noise and simply make fenders look better. Available in various models.
From €13.95
The DAN-FENDER Light combines good quality at a good price. The design is similar to the Heavy Duty Fender, but without the familiar two-tone look. The DAN-FENDER Light is suitable for boats between 5 and 9 m. Available in various models.
From €9.95
Niro chain claw with 3 m line Niro chain claw with 3 m line
This chain claw reduces impact on an anchor chain. The 3 m spliced line (included) means that the claw can also be used as a shock absorber.
Yellow mooring buoy Yellow mooring buoy
Yellow mooring buoy to mark anchor position in order to avoid unintentional collisions with other yachts’ anchors. With an eyelet.
From €4.95
Rope ladder Rope ladder
Practical, easy to stow on board, comfortable size and a wonderful aid when swimming or for emergencies. Foldable with Lexan steps.
From €22.95
Bathing platform Bathing platform
Practical, easy to stow on board, comfortable size and a wonderful aid when swimming or for emergencies. Foldable with Lexan steps.
From €119.95
Pine paddle Pine paddle
High-quality paddle made from double-varnished pine laminate. The blade tip features cross-web gluing with additional reinforcement.
From €37.95
Ankarolina Ankarolina
Whether you use it at the bow or at the stern as a kedge line, it always runs out cleanly and can be wound in quickly – no more fighting to get the twists out of a coiled rope. Leave it permanently mounted to the rail or to the underside...
From €159.95
Shroud Tension Meter Shroud Tension Meter
Cast stainless steel.
From €199.95
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