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FSE Robline Rio FSE Robline Rio
The FSE Robline� Polyester Rio is a kink-free mooring line with a high breaking load and good stretch characteristics. Very UV-resistant and easy to splice. A classic!
From €1.50
FSE Robline Orion 500 FSE Robline Orion 500
The FSE Robline Orion 500 is an all-purpose PES on mini spool. Suitable for all types of applications. Very high-quality braid.
(€0.40 / 1 Meter)
Liros PES mooring line Liros PES mooring line
The Liros PES mooring line is made from 3-strand twisted continuous polyester yarn and has good tensile properties. At one end there is a spliced Niro grommet; at the other, a 27-cm spliced loop. Does not harden in water, abrasion-proof...
From €24.95
Lofrans foot switch Lofrans foot switch
Foot switch for electric anchor or sheet windlasses. The stainless-steel housing is watertight. The shatterproof plastic protective cap ensures that the switch cannot be operated accidently. Option of black or red rubber cap and �UP� and...
Lofrans circuit breaker Lofrans circuit breaker
Circuit breaker for anchor windlasses. Switches off power in the event of a short circuit. Protects the electric motor from overloading using time/power-based switching. Voltage: 12 / 24 V.
From €89.95
Niro chain claw with 3 m line Niro chain claw with 3 m line
This chain claw reduces impact on an anchor chain. The 3 m spliced line (included) means that the claw can also be used as a shock absorber.
Yellow mooring buoy Yellow mooring buoy
Yellow mooring buoy to mark anchor position in order to avoid unintentional collisions with other yachts’ anchors. With an eyelet.
From €4.95
Ankarolina Ankarolina
Whether you use it at the bow or at the stern as a kedge line, it always runs out cleanly and can be wound in quickly – no more fighting to get the twists out of a coiled rope. Leave it permanently mounted to the rail or to the underside...
From €159.95
Anchor Rope and Bag Anchor Rope and Bag
With lead inserts and stainless-steel grommet. Lead has been incorporated into the last 10 m before the grommet, so no chain forerunner is necessary. Kink-free, very user-friendly braid, easy to stow. Colour: white/blue. In duffel bag.
(€2.33 / 1 Meter)
From €69.95
Made-up Mooring/Anchor Lines Made-up Mooring/Anchor Lines
Multi-functional braided polyester warps with 2-part construction (16 part sheath, 8 part core). High abrasion resistance, kink-free, flexible and spliceable. In fixed lengths with a stainless steel hard eye at one end.
(€1.95 / 1 Meter)
From €38.95
Compass mooring line Compass mooring line
Made from double-loop-braided polyester with elastic twine that acts like a spring (without loop).
(€1.66 / 1 Meter)
From €9.95
3-strand twisted rope 3-strand twisted rope
Mooring line: 3-strand twisted all-round rope, perfect as a mooring, anchor or towing line.
(€0.99 / 1 Meter)
From €5.95
Mooring Line Mooring Line
Made from double-loop-braided polyester with elastic twine that acts like a spring.
(€2.83 / 1 Meter)
From €16.95
Anchor rope with chain forerunner Anchor rope with chain forerunner
This 3-strand, twisted polyester rope has a spliced chain forerunner for greater security when anchoring. Ideal for secondary anchors and anchor windlasses with combined rope/chain sprocket.
From €59.95
Liros Porto mooring line Liros Porto mooring line
The Liros Porto mooring line is particularly popular thanks to its good handling. 16-plaited with additional nylon protection, impresses with its top-quality characteristics. Extremely tear- and abrasion-resistant; polyester material...
From €26.95
FSE Robline® Polyester Rapallo FSE Robline® Polyester Rapallo
The FSE Robline® Polyester Rapallo is a white mooring rope made from 3-strand twisted polyester with good stretch and abrasion properties. The twisted rope means that the mooring lines hold the boat securely. The UV-resistant material...
(€1.83 / 1 Meter)
From €10.95
FSE Robline® Polypropylene Montecarlo FSE Robline® Polypropylene Montecarlo
The FSE Robline® Polypropylene Montecarlo’s PES sheath is responsible for this rope's high functionality. It is UV-resistant, elastic and offers good grip. Length: 40 cm with eye splice. Available in various models.
(€2.49 / 1 Meter)
From €14.95
FSE Robline® Polyester Rio FSE Robline® Polyester Rio
The FSE Robline® polyester Rio is a black, high-quality rope with a PES sheath and PES core. Characterised by high grip, it is abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant. The Rio’s high breaking load ensures greater safety on board. One side...
(€2.33 / 1 Meter)
From €13.95
Hook & Moor boat hook Hook & Moor boat hook
The Hook & Moor boat hook is self-threading and features a tube made from anodized aluminium and a ball-bearing mechanism. The head is made from polyamide reinforced with glass fibre. The lines are automatically threaded on to rings,...
Made-up Anchor Line Made-up Anchor Line
Made from 3-ply wound continuous staple polyester, one end with a stainless steel hard eye. Tough, flexible and easy to handle.
(€1.65 / 1 Meter)
From €32.95
UNIMER U-Cleat mooring snubber UNIMER U-Cleat mooring snubber
The UNIMER U-Cleat mooring damper has a highly elastic mooring compensator with an new clamping mechanism that allows the snubber to be repositioned or attached to an existing line. The innovative U-Cleat lock between line and snubber is...
From €25.95
Anchor Buoy Anchor Buoy
Contains 20 m of automatically winding line (500 kps breaking strain) that can be used as a kedge or trip line. It will always sit over the anchor and can be seen at night thanks to the retro reflective strip. Inscribe the boat’s name...
Galvanised Anchor Chain Leaders Galvanised Anchor Chain Leaders
Fix between anchor and warp. Essential for successful anchoring.
(€3.99 / 1 Meter)
From €15.95
‘Admiral’ Telescopic Boathook ‘Admiral’ Telescopic Boathook
Adjustable from 1.2 to 2.1m, made from anodised aluminium with a nylon hook. Weight: 900g, dia.: 3cm.
Floating Boathook Floating Boathook
With plastic hook and handle. Shaft 3cm dia, Length: 1.80m, weight: 480g.
Mooring Line Mooring Line
Classic, 3 strand twisted rope for mooring or anchoring made from 100% polyester. Extremely abrasion and fray resistant.
From €0.70
Snubber Snubber
Made of seawater and UV-resistant rubber. Simple fitting: just lead the warp through the spring as shown in Fig. 1. Insert the warp as shown in Fig. 2 to securely lock a bight and provide ‘give’ at the same time:
From €9.95
Handy Stretch Handy Stretch
High stretch warp line suitable for mooring, anchoring or towing to help eliminate dangerous and harmful snubbing on your cleats etc. Made from easily handled and abrasion resistant nylon.
From €1.30
_Handy Elastic Mooring Line Set _Handy Elastic Mooring Line Set
_Mooring line made from double-braided polyester with an elastic ply yarn, which works like a spring. Set of 4 in waterproof nylon Oxford bag. With straps and velcro fastener for attachment to the guardrail.
(€1.66 / 1 Meter)
From €39.95
3-piece anchor set 3-piece anchor set
The set consists of a folding anchor (3.2 kg) with wide flukes, a 20-m anchor line (� 8 mm) and a nylon anchor bag. Folding anchor: Essential for small boats. Can also be used as a search anchor. The rotating ring locks the flukes when...
Unimer mooring compensator set Unimer mooring compensator set
These Unimer mooring compensators come as a set of 2 with two 10-m lines. Available in various models. Unimer mooring compensator: Unimer mooring compensators are made from seawater- and UV-resistant neoprene with 100% expansibility and...
From €49.95
Mooring lines (set of 2 with loop) Mooring lines (set of 2 with loop)
Made from double-loop-braided polyester with elastic twine that acts like a spring (includes � 20 cm loop).
(€3.82 / 1 Meter)
From €22.90
Liros Porto Liros Porto
Very handy mooring/anchor line made of 100% polyester. Special twisted core construction provides good stretch properties, high breaking strain and resistance to abrasion and hardening.
From €1.30
Weighted Anchor Line Weighted Anchor Line
The whole line sinks and holds a strong catenary curve for better anchor holding and damping thanks to its incorporated lead weighting. Also good for electric winches and RIBs
(€14.99 / 1 Kilogramm)
From €104.95
Nirosta Damper Nirosta Damper
Tough long-lasting snubbing damper made from marine quality stainless steel. (see table)
From €9.95
Stainless Chain Leader Stainless Chain Leader
with two end links
(€14.99 / 1 Meter)
From €59.95
Chain Markers Chain Markers
Easier to see and longer lasting than painted marks on the chain. With this system you can quickly and easily see how much scope you’ve let out. Different coloured seawater resistant plastic clips fasten to the links. One kit (10 clips)...
Liros Lirolen SP Marine Rope Liros Lirolen SP Marine Rope
Floating tow/mooring line that stays soft and absorbs no water. Material: 3-ply navy blue polypropylene.
From €0.70
Liros Lirolen Rope Liros Lirolen Rope
All-round cordage that floats, does not absorb water and always stays soft and supple. Easy to splice, makes good tow or mooring lines. Supplied in assorted lengths with heat sealed ends.
(€0.80 / 1 Meter)
From €7.95
Smart Snubber Smart Snubber
Small snubber that can be incorporated into existing systems so that you do not have to keep pulling your lines in. If one Smart Snubber is not enough on its own, simply add another one. Size: 40 x 35 x 70 cm.
From €12.95
1.15 - 3 m Hook & Moor Vario 3 1.15 - 3 m Hook & Moor Vario 3
The Robship® Boat Hook makes mooring a real breeze - and makes manoeuvres safe and quiet. With its highly sophisticated and completely reliable model features a ball-bearing mechanism, the Hook & Moor is very easy to use. Length: 1.15 - 3 m
Compass Deta anchor Compass Deta anchor
The Compass Delta anchor has wide flukes and no moving parts. It combines a plough anchor and a panel anchor. It digs in easily and has a high holding power, even on difficult surfaces. Made from galvanised steel. Available from 5 kg.
From €39.95
Kobra Anchor Kobra Anchor
Regular test winner in European yachting journals - the Kobra anchor. Its wide flukes and weighted tip guarantee rapid setting and a good hold. Made of galvanized steel. Models up to 10 kg have a patented folding shank while models over...
From €64.95
Delta Anchor Delta Anchor
The Delta Anchor is renowned for digging in quickly even in difficult floors. Its unique shape gives it a low centre of gravity. Made in tough manganese steel, the Delta Anchor has a lifetime guarantee against breakage and is Lloyd's...
From €109.95
Rocna® anchor Rocna® anchor
The Rocna® anchor has been designed and produced for maximum holding force on all anchorages. It is made from high-quality steel and has no moving parts. Every Rocna® anchor is unique and is a purchase that will last the entire life of...
From €169.95
Aluminium Anchor Aluminium Anchor
High tensile aluminium/magnesium alloy has about the same strength as steel but weighs around half. With a suitable scope of chain or weighted line the Aluminium Anchor is quite capable as a bow anchor, but it really comes into its own...
From €139.95
Anchor set: Plate anchor + 2 swivel shackles + chain + anchor line Anchor set: Plate anchor + 2 swivel shackles +...
A complete coordinated anchor set at a discount price. Comprising plate anchor, 2 swivel shackles, chain and anchor line.
From €59.80
Plough Anchor, stainless steel Plough Anchor, stainless steel
made of high quality polished stainless steel. Digs in quickly and reliably on a sandy or muddy bottom. Can be relied on to dig itself in again if the boat swings round.
From €189.95
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