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Epifanes Clear Varnish Epifanes Clear Varnish
High gloss, one component clear varnish with UV filters to prevent discoloration of the wood. Suitable for all applications above the waterline in fresh or seawater, inside or out. Coverage: 14 qm/ltr. Recoatable after 24 hrs. 1 litre.
Epifanes Thinner Epifanes Thinner
For Epifanes Varnish and Oil. 1 litre
Epifanes Hardwood Varnish Epifanes Hardwood Varnish
One-component varnish specially formulated for hardwoods and teak. Ideal for inside or outside with good UV and weather resistance. Coverage: 15m/ltr. Recoatable after 24hrs. 1 litre.
Epifanes clear polyurethane lacquer Epifanes clear polyurethane lacquer
High-gloss two-component clear varnish. The coating protects from UV radiation, perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor application as well as sweet water and saltwater. Excellent adhesion on wood, blow-resistant and hard. Container:...
(£66.65 / 1 Kilogramm)
Epifanes Teak-O-Clean Epifanes Teak-O-Clean
Professional wood care from Epifanes. Water-based cleaning and bleaching agent for cleaning and brightening weathered and dirty wood, wooden decks, tables or floor boards on board. Does not attack the deck joint sealant.
(£57.98 / 1 Liter)
Epifanes Teak-O-Bello Epifanes Teak-O-Bello
Deep penetrating teak protection, solvent-free and water-based. Provides long-lasting protection. Prevents the formation of mould on teak decks and prevents the wood from turning grey again for a long time. Does not attack the deck joint...
(£57.98 / 1 Liter)