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SunWare Plug & Play solar modules


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  • 331461 331461_8
Price Order number type Weight in kg size in mm LxB
£679.99 331461 RX-21052 2,6 1265 x 429 50
£999.99 331462 RX-22039 4,2 873 x 826 76
£1,179.99 331463 RX-22052 5,1 1106 x 826 100
SunWare Plug & Play solar modules - simply fold out, plug in and you're done. No installation... more

Product information "SunWare Plug & Play solar modules"

SunWare Plug & Play solar modules - simply fold out, plug in and you're done. No installation needed. 12V power outlet or cigarette lighter sufficient. Controller integrated in cable. Made in Germany. Plug & Play Module product features- Ready to plug-in - Portable and foldable - Lightweight and robust - The panels of the RX-22039 and RX-22052 work as stand-alone modules - In the case of the RX-12052, both elements are wired in series - Textile edge with 9-mm eyelets for easy attachment - 5-m supply line with SureSeal connector - The FOX-062 is equipped with a motor vehicle connector (for 12 V power outlet or cigarette lighter) - Non-glass module with shatterproof Nowoflon foil - High-performance crystalline solar cells modules - 100 % sea- and saltwater-resistant - The FOX-062 must be protected from moisture - Aluminium back plate aluminium sandwich, dark grey, encapsulated entirely in laminate - Cable outlet screwed, encapsulated and seawaterproof - Ultra-flat modular construction (5 mm), to the cable outlet (15 mm)

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