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SunWare FOX-260Li controller


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Lithium series charge controller FOX controller for LiFe(Y)PO4 batteries The advantages of... more

Product information "SunWare FOX-260Li controller"

Lithium series charge controller FOX controller for LiFe(Y)PO4 batteries The advantages of lithium-based (here exclusively the LiFe(Y)PO4 chemistry) battery systems include: - 2-3 energy density compared to lead-based systems - Significantly higher possible number of cycles (>=3000 cycles at 80% discharge depth), about factor of 5-10 to lead - Max. service life: >= 10 years - Capacity utilization without essential loss of life to about 90% discharge depth. - High-power-capable: can be charged/discharged in hours - Flat discharge characteristic curve: high usable voltage levels over almost the entire discharge phase - Low self discharge - Environmentally friendly raw materials - Much lighter than conventional technologies (weight ~1/2 of that of lead-based technologies) - High, nearly perfect, charge/discharge efficiency, so effective charging is even possible with small currents System design The typical configuration of a LiFeYPO4-based battery system comprises (12V) 4S or 8s (24V) serially configured single cells that are connected electrically and mechanically. A battery management system (BMS) that is specially adapted to the particularities of the relevant battery type is required from the batter manufacturer in order to monitor the battery system. This is essential to the safe operation and achievement of the maximum battery life and must be present. The primary task of the BMS is to monitor compliance with the permissible voltage and temperature limits of each individual cell and complete disconnection of all charging/discharging devices from the battery in the event of a fault. ! Warning! In the case of the LiFeYO4, a single overly deep discharge will destroy the battery! It is therefore necessary to switch an external switching device (controlled by the battery management system (BMS)) between the battery system output and the (battery) input of the solar charge controller in order to completely and safely disconnect the battery in the event of a fault (see Minimum wiring diagram). ! The FOX-260 Lithium may not be connected to a LiFeYPO4 battery without this second redundant security level.

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