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EFOY fuel cell

EFOY fuel cell
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Price Item number Weight in kg Model Battery capacity in Ah Dimensions in cm LxWxH Charge in Ah max. Charge in A Paint application in g/min
£2,099.99 412731 7,1 Comfort 80i 40-160 44x20x29 3,3A 40W 80Ah 0,9l
£3,499.99 412732 7,8 Comfort 140i 60-250 44x20x29 6,0A 72W 140Ah 0,9l
£4,799.99 412733 8,5 Comfort 210i 80-350 44x20x29 8,8A 105W 210Ah 0,9l
EFOY COMFORT - 365 days free from the socket EFOY COMFORT. The fully automatic, quiet power... more

Product information "EFOY fuel cell"

EFOY COMFORT - 365 days free from the socket EFOY COMFORT. The fully automatic, quiet power supply, anywhere, in any weather and at any time of year. How it works The EFOY COMFORT charges the battery fully automatically. The integrated charge controller permanently monitors the charge level of the 12 V battery. If necessary, the EFOY COMFORT is started automatically and switched off again when the battery is charged. You can also use 230 V devices via an inverter. Usable all year round Thanks to the EFOY COMFORT, your reliable power supply is guaranteed far from the harbour: In a remote bay, on the high seas, in any weather, at any time of year. Even at sub-zero temperatures! Super quiet When professionally installed, the EFOY COMFORT is as quiet as the fan of your laptop. Enjoy the peace and quiet! Fully automatic and maintenance-free As soon as your EFOY COMFORT is professionally installed, it supplies power - you only change the fuel cartridge every now and then. No cleaning or other maintenance is required! Environmentally friendly The EFOY COMFORT operates economically and free of annoying fine dust and harmful emissions. Light and compact With its compact design and low weight, the EFOY COMFORT fits in any boat.

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