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End stop End stop
Finishes: Aluminium, nickel-plated brass: round Stainless steel, nickel-plated brass: flat
Rocker Stopper Rocker Stopper
made of impact and seawater resistant styrene. Reduces the effects of swell and wash on a stationary boat. Quickly fitted and removed. Parts fit inside each other for compact stowage. For 10mm warps, distance 40cm. Diameter: 34cm. Number...
Engine Caddy Engine Caddy
Practical lifting device for virtually all 2 - 15 HP outboards. Easily fitted, easily removable, secure carrying handle with a lock. Straps are resistant to saltwater and UV.
PropSox PropSox
It’s not only the law, but it makes good sense as well. This patented device will protect the public and the sharp edges of your outboard or outdrive when it’s on the trailer or even when it’s tipped up. The blades of any propellor are...
Davis Instruments telescoping boot hook Davis Instruments telescoping boot hook
The Davis Instruments boat hook has an extremely stable aluminium tube and a very strong head for very heavy loads. With a rubber handle and ACME thread for attaching boat cleaning tools. Telescoping: 1 - 2.4 m.
€59.95 €39.95 You save 33%
Davis Mark 25 Sextant Davis Mark 25 Sextant
Same spec as the Mark 15 but with a patented mirror system that allows a view of the horizon and heavens in the same field. 178 mm sarc scale and LED lighting.
Key Buoy Key Buoy
A little friend in need. This keyring ensures that if your keys should fall into the water they are guaranteed to bob up again. 30 seconds after the KeyBuoy falls into the water the air chamber inflates and carries it back up to the...
Tiller stabiliser and lock Tiller stabiliser and lock
The Tiller Tamer allows you to arrest the tiller in any desired position or to adjust it continuously. Does not influence automatic rudder systems. Can be easily installed on any boat. Does not need to be deinstalled when not in use.
Telltails Telltails
Simply adhere to the sails for one of the best methods to control trim. User’s manual on back of the Sail-Trim disc. (1 Set = 14 Pieces)