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Jobe Evolution Jobe Evolution
- Maximum fun on the water - Diameter: 152 cm - Heavy-duty 840D full nylon cover - Inflated via one-way valve - Additional neoprene padding - Safety chamber ­ Rider capacity: 1 person
Jobe Chaser Jobe Chaser
­ Rider capacity: 2 persons - Made from heavy-duty 840D nylon with a PVC core - Inflated via one-way valve - Quick connectors
Jobe Tribal Jobe Tribal
­ Rider capacity: 2 persons - 168 x 140 cm - Heavy-duty 840D full nylon cover - Inflated via one-way valve - Additional neoprene padding
Compass tube set Compass tube set
Tube for a person with a Ø of 137 cm. Consists of one air chamber and 4 soft handles with finger protection. The inner tube is made from very robust, high-quality PVC. The partial nylon cover offers optimum protection from damage....
€89.95 €59.95 You save 33%
Jobe Dedicated Jobe Dedicated
­ Rider capacity: 1 person - Neoprene padded handles for extra hold - Made from heavy-duty 840D nylon with cover - Inflated via one-way valve
Compass Giant Rocket Compass Giant Rocket
Fly over the water with three persons and a banana in tow. The banana, made with a cover of 420D nylon and an inlay of 0.6 mm PVC, is sturdy and durable. There are three handles to enable the passengers to safely hold on.
€179.95 €159.95 You save 11%
Jobe Hydra Jobe Hydra
­ Rider capacity: 1 person - Heavy-duty PVC - Full nylon cover - 3 EVA foam handles with knuckle guards - 2 air chambers - Water drain and 2 speed valves - Quick connector Dimensions: 55 x 32 x 38 cm.
Compass Flying Power Compass Flying Power
Guaranteed fun on this tow-raft. For up to two passengers, this leisure water fun item offers six handles for safety when being towed by the motorboat. Made of 420D nylon with a PVC inlay of 0.6 mm thickness.
Compass Pocket Rocket Compass Pocket Rocket
Maximum fun in the water for children and adults. Towable banana boat for up to two persons with one handle each. Made of sturdy PVC with a material thickness of 0.7 mm.
Jobe Thunder Set Jobe Thunder Set
The Thunder offers unparalleled fun on the water. Features: 4 soft handles, robust PVC and nylon cover as well as 1 air chamber. Dimensions: 136 x 141 cm.
Jobe Hydra Set Jobe Hydra Set
For one person. Made of very robust PVC and complete nylon cover. With three EVA foam handles featuring wrist guard, two air chambers, water drains, quick connectors and two speed valves. Dimensions: 55 x 32 x 38 cm.
Jobe tube line Jobe tube line
Floating line for all towing devices.
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