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Alcohol Stove 3000 2-flame


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These cookers work with the fuel alternative spirit. The appliances are not under pressure and... more

Product information "Alcohol Stove 3000 2-flame"

These cookers work with the fuel alternative spirit. The appliances are not under pressure and are therefore explosion-proof. The simple operation and careful workmanship make cooking on the road a pleasure. Spiritus cookers provide optimum performance: 1 l of water boils in 6-8 minutes, a container filling of 1.2 l is sufficient for around 4.5 hours and provides a performance value of 2,000 watts with sensible energy utilisation. The cookers are made of stainless steel. High-performance cooker with two flames, which can also be used free-standing. Dimensions: 46.4 x 26.2 x 13.7 cm. The cooker must not be installed in vehicles that are operated on public roads. Please observe the following instructions when operating the spirit cooker: -Don't operate the alcohol cooker unattended and never in closed rooms. -Make sure that the cooker cannot tip over and is placed on a fireproof base. -Make sure that the cooker has enough space on all sides, as the cooking pot deflects the flame and heat to the side. -Make sure that the stainless steel springs under the burner pots are high enough so that the burner pot is flush with the lid. -Check your camping cooker before each use for visible damage or other defects that could lead to malfunction. -Children should only stay near the cooker during operation under supervision. -Have fire extinguishing materials ready. A fire blanket or small fire extinguisher is best suited for this purpose. -Read the operating instructions and make sure that you operate your cooker in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

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