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Coffee tin 1800ml aroma valve


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You love a special coffee moment? So do we. So that you can always enjoy your coffee, your... more

Product information "Coffee tin 1800ml aroma valve"

You love a special coffee moment? So do we. So that you can always enjoy your coffee, your high-quality coffeechilla coffee tin protects the aroma of your precious coffee. How your coffee tastes depends on many factors such as origin and quality, roasting or preparation. Coffee cannot spoil, but it can lose its aroma. When storing your coffee, there are a few things you can keep in mind to ensure that it retains its flavour for as long as possible. Avoid contact with oxygen, heat and moisture, as this will cause the coffee aroma to dissipate and the quality to suffer. With its elegant design, your tin protects your coffee and keeps it fresh. You can also store coffee powder in your coffeechilla coffee tin, but we recommend that you buy whole beans and grind them fresh directly before brewing. This way the beans develop their full aroma. Safety for you, for us and for our environment: Like all our high-quality coffeechilla products, the coffeechilla coffee can has also been tested by an independent German testing institute and consists only of food-safe materials. So your coffee tastes like your coffee. Only your coffee. Do you also value environmental protection? All coffeechilla products are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes. Contents: De ine coffeechilla coffee tin 30 ml stainless steel measuring spoon 3 spare valves Details: Product dimensions: Ø 129 mm x 185 mm Packaging dimensions: 148 mm x 148 mm x 205 mm Weight approx. 480 g Capacity: c a. 555g coffee beans

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