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Yoga on the Sup

Yoga on the Sup

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SUP meets Yoga: Relaxing exercises on the paddle board Stand-up paddling is the current trend... more

Product information "Yoga on the Sup"

SUP meets Yoga: Relaxing exercises on the paddle board Stand-up paddling is the current trend sport on the water. SUPing has long been established as a whole-body workout, and now many athletes from other sports are discovering the paddle board as a practical training tool for themselves. In SUP yoga, the board becomes a floating yoga mat and takes yoga training to a whole new level. After all, in addition to performing the figures correctly, you also have to keep your balance on the waves. In this book, Beate Egger and Philipp Moser give valuable tips and tricks for training on the board. They present the best SUP yoga exercises, from gentle warm-ups to challenging workouts. This is how you lead the dog looking down outside and enjoy the glitter on the waves below you while doing sun salutations! The training book for the new trend sport yoga on the water. Numerous yoga exercises for beginners and advanced especially for training on the SUP. Everything about the individual yoga figures: what they do, how they differ and what you should pay attention to when performing them. Easy to follow with illustrated step-by-step instructions and comprehensible texts. Swap mat for paddleboard! Get fitter and feel better with this popular fun sport. A yoga session on the water not only looks spectacular, it also offers many benefits for body and mind. By balancing the board, SUP yoga trains muscles that are not addressed by yoga exercises on solid ground. As a regular fitness workout, it improves coordination and balance and is also a lot of fun. Swap the yoga mat for the paddleboard and find outer and inner balance!

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