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Cobble Stones 6x Cobble Stones 6x
Environmentally friendly, quick to light briquettes. The barbecue is ready in just 2 minutes.
Cobb SUPREME grill grid Cobb SUPREME grill grid
Stainless-steel Cobb SUPREME grill grid for cooking roasts, chicken, etc. Simply place on the grill grid and lock into place.
Cobb Premier dome extension Cobb Premier dome extension
Cobb Premier dome extension for Cobb grills, including chicken roasting stand.
Cobb Supreme Grill Cobb Supreme Grill
De Cobb for the big grill event! The Supreme model has retained all the good and outstanding basic principles of the Cobb Premier. It is still transportable, economical and flexible. Plenty of space for a delicious barbecue for many people.
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Cobb SUPREME bag Cobb SUPREME bag
Waterproof vinyl bag for Cobb SUPREME.
Cobb universal railing/balcony bracket Cobb universal railing/balcony bracket
This stainless-steel Cobb universal railing/balcony bracket is for all profiles up to 45 mm. Weight: approx. 2.2 kg; Ø: approx. 31 cm; Height: approx. 10 cm.
Cobb SUPREME Teflon pan Cobb SUPREME Teflon pan
The Cobb SUPREME Teflon pan is Teflon-coated and can also be used for grilling.
Cobb PREMIER griddle Cobb PREMIER griddle
If you’ve ever wondered how to get that great char-grilled steak look, the unique surface of the Cobb PREMIER griddle provides the perfect answer. Simply rotate the steak 45 ° for an amazing criss-cross look. Non-stick surface: Aluminium...
Cobb Easy to Go grill Cobb Easy to Go grill
The Cobb Easy to Go grill includes a cast-iron griddle and is perfect for boats, camping and quick picnics. The outside of this stainless-steel grill does not heat up despite the hot coals inside and can be moved during use. The inside...
Cobb Easy to Go dome Cobb Easy to Go dome
Cobb Easy to Go dome. Weight: 0.7 kg
Cobb EASY grill grid Cobb EASY grill grid
Cobb EASY perforated grill grid with Teflon coating for Cobb Easy to Go grill
Cobb SUPREME grill Cobb SUPREME grill
The Cobb SUPREME grill is a stainless-steel charcoal grill for grilling, frying, baking, boiling and even smoking. It is a real outdoor culinary device for boats, camping or picnics. Cobb grills can achieve a temperature of almost 300 °...
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