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2x instrument series on wood 2x instrument series on wood
Plate with refined mahogany finish, including barometer and quartz clock. The instruments are resistant to wear and corrosion and are also vacuum-coated in an environmentally-friendly manner. Diameter 15 cm. Dimensions: ?? x ?? x ?? cm.
€149.99 €79.99 You save 47%
Barometer, large Barometer, large
11cm dia. x 3.2cm deep.8.5cm face, 140g
Thermometer/Hygrometer, small Thermometer/Hygrometer, small
8cm dia. x 2.5cm deep.7cm face, 75g
Barometer, small Barometer, small
8cm dia. x 2.5cm deep.7cm face, 75g
€56.99 €49.99 You save 12%
Quartz Clock, large Quartz Clock, large
11cm dia. x 3.2cm deep.8.5cm face, 150g
Quartz Clock, small Quartz Clock, small
8,8cm dia. x 2.5cm deep.7cm face, 90g
€56.99 €49.99 You save 12%
Thermometer/Hygrometer, large Thermometer/Hygrometer, large
11cm dia. x 3.2cm deep.8.5cm face, 130g
Brass clock classic, small Brass clock classic, small
Clock with an 8.5 cm face. Protected by a clear glass and a lock on the side. Operated with battery.
From €59.95
Barigo Steel Instrument Series Barigo Steel Instrument Series
BARIGO’s range of maritime instruments, made of stainless steel with a white scale. The case has a diameter of 16 cm and is easy to mount on a wall. The barometer, thermometer and hygrometer are not only visually appealing but also...
From €119.99
Brass 24-Hour Clock Brass 24-Hour Clock
An analogue 24-hour brass clock with a quartz mechanism. The clock face shows all 24 hours. It is easy to tell at a glance whether it is eight o’clock in the morning or the evening. The hour hand only completes a full circle of the clock...
From €99.99
Brass thermometers / hygrometers Brass thermometers / hygrometers
A great series of high-quality clock / barometer / thermometer / hygrometer devices by Compass, featuring a special coating that provides protection from scratching and fading. The brass is polished to a shine and gives every device a...
Brass Tide Clock Brass Tide Clock
The tide clock indicates the set tide. With this clock you will always know if it is high or low tide. With glass panel and side closure. Battery-operated.
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