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Base for GPS antennae Base for GPS antennae
White nylon mount, 25 mm high, for GPS antennas.
From £9.99
Ratchet Rail Mount Ratchet Rail Mount
can be used on 2.2cm and 2.5cm vertical or horizontal rails. For VHF or GPS antennas.
From £23.99
Ratchet Mount Ratchet Mount
4-way, stainless steel ratchet mount, fully adjustable, which can be used with VHF radio antenna.
From £19.99
RG58 coax cable (black). RG58 coax cable (black).
50 Ω RG58 coax cable. Inner conductor: tin-plated copper braid. Conductor: 19 x 0.18 mm. Insulation: PE. Insulation diameter: 2.95 mm. Outer conductor: Tin-plated CuG. Outer material: PVC. Outer diameter: 4.85 mm.
Banten VHF marine radio antenna Banten VHF marine radio antenna
The Banten VHF marine radio antenna is compact and comes in a solid plastic housing. It operates in a frequency range of 156 - 162 MHz and at an impedance of 50 Ω. The antenna is 20 cm high, weighs 400 g, has a thread of 1 1/4 inches and...
Marine Radio Antenna Marine Radio Antenna
High-quality steel rod antenna with holder. Length 1m, 156 to 163 mHz, 18m cable.
Regatta Marine Radio Antenna Regatta Marine Radio Antenna
Extremely small fibreglass antenna, only 25 cm high with stainless steel mount and 18 m cable with antenna connection.
Rubberised Marine Radio Antenna Rubberised Marine Radio Antenna
Super compact antenna, extremely flexible, fully rubberised, only 25 cm high. Supplied with spacer and 18 m cable with antenna connection.
Emergency Antenna Emergency Antenna
Emergency antenna as part of your safety equipment. Pulls out to 1 m for better reception. Prewired with 5 m cable and connection.
Active Triple Band Antenna Active Triple Band Antenna
Receive VHF marine and inland radio and AIS signals simultaneously - with only one marine radio antenna. 12V, 1x antenna in , 1x VHF out, 1x AIS out. Size: 14 x 6.3 x 3 cm.
UKW antenna professional UKW antenna professional
This professional VHF antenna with chrome-plated brass base is made of fibreglass. The altogether 1.5 meters long antenna comes with a 6 metre cable and plug. Frequency range 156 – 163Mhz.
VHF Radio Antenna + Ratchet Mount VHF Radio Antenna + Ratchet Mount
1.5m long fibreglass, VHF antenna with 6m RG58 cable and PL259 plug. Complete with a white nylon ratchet mount.
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