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Aquapac Organizer Bag Aquapac Organizer Bag
Special UV resistant plastic case that’s easy to load and seal with its patented clip closure. Fits all Palm/Compaq etc. with max dimensions of 10 x 10.50 cm.
Aquapac All-Purpose Bag Aquapac All-Purpose Bag
100% waterproof to 5 m depth. Buoyant with contents. 13 x 26.5cm.
Aquapac Jumbo Bag Aquapac Jumbo Bag
100% protection from dust, dirt, sand and water. Ideal as an emergency or stuff bag or when using charts on deck. 31 x 36cm.
Aquapac IPhone pouch Aquapac IPhone pouch
Receiving, sending and telephoning - no problem. 100% watertight, floatable, dust and sand-proof. Resistant to saltwater and UV light.
Aquapac Ipad pouch Aquapac Ipad pouch
100% watertight, dust and sand-proof. Resistant to saltwater and UV light, floatable with pad. Does not interfere with WLAN and GPS connections. Dimensions: 23 x 30 cm.
Aquapac VHF Radio Bag Aquapac VHF Radio Bag
Waterproof protection for your hand-held VHF as used by professionals and the military. Easy to use and also provides extra buoyancy.Size S: circum. 19.5cm, length 17.5cm without antenna, 30.5cm with antenna.
Aquapac Keymaster Bag Aquapac Keymaster Bag
Ideal for keys, money, credit cards etc. Sand, dirt, dust and waterproof to 40m. Circumference 15cm, length 9cm.