Made of Scots pine with varnished mahogany finial and cleat on the foot. 40 cm long with eye.

from €29.95

Screw on at an angle of 10°.

from €13.95

For mounting on guard rail diameter 25 mm.


made of stainless steel. Length: 40 cm, dimensions of the base plate: 4 x 7.8 cm The bracket has an angle of 70°.


Fitted with a small cleat at the base for securing the halyard.

from €34.95

Aluminium. Inclined at approx. 10°.

from €14.95

For mounting on 25mm dia. pushpit or pulpit rails. Stainless steel.


Same spec. as above for mounting to 2.5 cm rail. Hoist length: 38 cm.


With a tough nylon bracket. Fits rails of 22-25 mm or wall mounting. Swivel head, rotatable and height adjustable. Polished stainless steel with usable hoist length of up to 35 cm.