Pretreatment for various synthetics and coatings - improves adhesion. good adhesion on porous substrates. Pretreatment for joint-layers and sealants. Free from isocyanates....


Compass 1K primer is a universal single-component primer and bonding agent for all Compass paints above the waterline. Recommended as a primer with excellent adhesion to GRP,...


General purpose primer for use on wood, steel and alloy above water. Coverage: 12 qm/ltr, thinners: No. 1. 750ml


High-performance, tough and durable 2-pack undercoat for use under Perfection 709 gloss. May only be applied over existing 2-pack paint or primer or glass fibre primer. White...


Special primer for softwoods and hardwoods. Coverage approx. 20ml/qm. ??ml.