Deep-cleans PVC and plastic ‘leather’ without attacking the material. Biodegradable. 473ml


efficiently removes mould, mould stains, algae and other organic contamination and protects against reinfestation at the same time. Removes unpleasant odours, 500 ml.


Special alkaline cleaner for all types of tarpaulins made of PVC, PE or other coated fabrics. Effortlessly removes even stubborn dirt like bird droppings, algae, mould, soot and...


Reliably removes dirt, grease, mould spots and other dirt from white and coloured sails as well as any kind of natural or synthetic fabrics without damaging the material. 500 ml


A transparent, ultra-thin protective layer protects sails and soft furnishings with nanotechnology, making cotton and synthetics waterproof and salt water resistant. 500ml.


Spray onto vinyl, spray-hoods and upholstery to remove unsightly mildew. 560 ml


First class protection, preventing ‘puddle stains’ and promoting water run-off. Does not affect the colour or the fabric. For use on tarpaulins, tents, outdoor clothing, etc....


Cleans and impregnates sunshades, canvas awnings and many other textiles exposed to the weather. Protects the material, keeps it waterproof and breathable. Prevents mildew and...