Lamination resin based on o-phthalic acid for parts exposed to weather and cold water. Is pre-accelerated, generally mixed with 1 to 3% MEKP for application. Components and...


Practical set of fast-setting polyester resin with glass mat for fast damage repair and leaks on FBE parts. Content: polyester resin, hardener, glass mat and mixing bowl. 800 g


Polyester filler for highest demands on quality and slight bumps. Easy to grind, has a closed-pore surface. 250 g


Special fibre filler for highly strained fillings, e.g. bonding between FBE and wood or attachment of wooden slats. Bonds very well with FBE and wood, coating thickness 5 mm. 200 g


2-component, solvent-free and universally applicable epoxy resin for laminating, sealing or bonding. Water-resistant.

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Repair filler for above and below the water line. Easy handling, good adhesion, easy to grind. To be applied at 10 - 35°C. Forms a watertight surface. 500 g


Laminar reinforcement agent for polyester resin. Ideal bonding of resin and glass mat. Lamination resin quantity: 3 times the mat weight. 300 g/m_


Laminar reinforcement agent for polyester and epoxy resin. Ideal bonding of resin and glass fabric. Lamination resin quantity: approx. 160 g/m_ => approx. 0.2 mm lamination...