For the repair of small blemishes in gelcoat. Kit contains: 190g gelcoat, 10g hardener, adhesive tape, hostaphan film, spatula, sandpaper and instructions.


Quickly removes small blemishes such as scratches, hairline cracks and little blisters. Can be simply applied over polyester laminate. UV and weather-resistant. Colour: white.

from €17.95

Multi-purpose adhesive, water-resistant and solvent-free. Hardens after max. 15 min. Suitable for metal, wood, GRP or hard rubber. Simple measuring out and mixing 1:1. Contents:...


2-component, solvent-free universal epoxy resin for laminating, plugging or glueing. Water-resistant.

from €24.95

Bonding, filling and sealing - as strong as cold welding. The two-component material can be stored indefinitely, is heat, acid, oil and alkali-proof and even saltwater-proof....


Lamination resin based on o-phthalic acid for parts exposed to weather and cold water. Is pre-accelerated, generally mixed with 1 to 3% MEKP for application. Components and...


Practical set of fast-setting polyester resin with glass mat for fast damage repair and leaks on FBE parts. Content: polyester resin, hardener, glass mat and mixing bowl. 800 g


Polyester filler for highest demands on quality and slight bumps. Easy to grind, has a closed-pore surface. 250 g


Special fibre filler for highly strained fillings, e.g. bonding between FBE and wood or attachment of wooden slats. Bonds very well with FBE and wood, coating thickness 5 mm. 200 g


2-component, solvent-free and universally applicable epoxy resin for laminating, sealing or bonding. Water-resistant.

from €16.95

Repair filler for above and below the water line. Easy handling, good adhesion, easy to grind. To be applied at 10 - 35°C. Forms a watertight surface. 500 g


Laminar reinforcement agent for polyester resin. Ideal bonding of resin and glass mat. Lamination resin quantity: 3 times the mat weight. 300 g/m_


Laminar reinforcement agent for polyester and epoxy resin. Ideal bonding of resin and glass fabric. Lamination resin quantity: approx. 160 g/m_ => approx. 0.2 mm lamination...


2-component filler on epoxy basis with mixed-in special fibres. Suitable for deep notches and bonding of FBE, carbon fibre, steel, aluminium and hardwood. Ideally suited for...


A 2-component filler and fine filler on epoxy basis. Suited for FBE, carbon fibre, steel, aluminium and hardwood above and below the waterline. 500 g


The Yachticon epoxy repair kit is ideal for quick, simple onboard repairs. The kit contains sandpaper, filler and fabric tape (225 g/m?, 5-cm wide, 1-m long). Adheres to,...


Epoxy filler suitable for repairs to gelcoat and hairline cracks on all underwater as well as topsides areas. More waterproof and harder than polyester it will build to fill a...