Sealant for traditional timber marine decking. This single-component polyurethane sealant is UV-resistant and can be sanded once it is dry. 300 ml.


Suitable for bonding and sealing GISATEX? Antislide deck covering both indoors and outdoors. Good final hardness and quick hardening. 310 ml.


which extends on use to 3.5 times its original length. Used to seal electrical terminals, leaking water pipes etc. Length: 10m


Specially for slatted deck joints. The one-component jointing compound is UV-resistant and polyurethane-based. Sikaflex-290 DC PRO reacts with air humidity to become an...


Black paint for priming. Improves adhesion of glass and ceramic coated glass, plastics and various other materials. Also for repair of small paint blemishes. Content: 250 ml.

from €25.95

Black pigmented low viscosity primer for priming paintwork and plastics (acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS etc.). Suitable for experienced users only. Content: 250 ml.


1-component polyurethane sealant for shipbuilding which forms an elastomer through air moisture. Serves to produce seams or bonded joints. Quantity: 0.1 l.


Preliminary treatment for substrates such as teak, mahogany, Oregon pine, Cork and GRP, based on unsaturated polyester. For experienced users - testing on sample of original...


Ideal for sealing hatches, skipper's boxes, covers, lockers, skylights and windows.

from €13.95

Improves adhesion on surfaces like wood, aluminium, FBE or lacquered surfaces. The transparent, yellowish primer reacts with the air humidity on porous and non-porous surfaces.

from €15.95

For sealing hatches and windows. The durable elastic, foam-rubber-type material can resist temperatures from -40 ?C to 125 ?C. Features a simple construction.

from €29.95

Well-known penetrating liquid sealant which fills and seals cracks by capillary action. 60ml


For all sealing jobs such as bulkheads, cabling, leaks, hatches, deck fittings and bedding of wooden decks on metal, gelcoat or wood. Also suitable for sticking non-slip deck...


For pre-cleaning and keying shiny hard surfaces,eg: gelcoat, 2-pot varnish/paint, aluminium.


Softer, more elastic formula for use where there may be movement, either from vibration or expansion or on areas such as keel /hull joint or rubbing strake. Coverage: 310 ml...


For sticking and sealing windows (glass/acrylic) etc. Contents: cartridge with 310 ml to provide a 10 x 6 mm sealing bead for 5m.