DK-DOX? AKTIV BASIC is an intensive tank cleaner that prevents biofilm. Quick and easy to use for basic drinking water system disinfection. For steel, aluminium or plastic...


Fill water tank. Add Dura Tank and leave to settle for 24 hours. Then drain water and rinse. Sufficient for one season. Chlorine-free. Sufficient for 160 l. 500 ml.


The WM aquatec Silvertex fleece?s Silvertex system provides effective protection for your fresh water system from biofilm formation and for your drinking water from...

from €26.95

Fill your tank, add Pura Tank and leave for 24 hours before draining and rinsing. One treatment is sufficient to last the season. Chlorine-free. 500ml


Automatically removes mould and mildew, algae and other organic soiling and protects against re-infestation.Also removes unpleasant odours. 500ml


WM aquatec DILIXIN Xpress disinfectant cleaner is a concentrate for cleaning and disinfecting. No bacteria, no biofilm, no viruses, algae or fungi in the fresh water tank. Ten...


Descales wat-er tanks and blocked water hoses, elimin-ates nasty tastes and unpleasant smells. Non-toxic, citric acid-based cleaner. 500g


Quick, simple protection against stains and limescale. Specially developed for all plastic and porcelain marine toilets. Eliminated odours. Does not attack seals or valves....


Cleans and eliminates odours in fresh water tanks and water dispensing systems. Ideal for use after winter storage or prolonged storage. Prevents bad tastes and odours if...


Latest technological lubricants keep drain valves from sticking. Non-formaldehyde, non-staining, biodegradable formula.

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Does the same as liquid Aqua Clean, but goes even further. Sufficient for 10,000ltr. 100g

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Yachticon Aqua Clean sterilises and preserves drinking water on silver ion basis. No chlorine, therefore completely odour and tasteless. Dosage: High graduation = 100 litres of...


Saves complete draining of fresh water, cooling water and toilet systems. 40% frost protection concentrate with 60% water gives protection down to -21°C. Reusable! Content: 2 L.

from €25.95

Specially suited for all polymer surfaces and porcelain. Effortlessly removes lime, water stains and stubborn dirt. Ensures perfect hygiene and shiny surfaces. 500 ml


Non-toxic antifreeze for drinking water and all other systems, such as toilets, heating or directly cooled water circuits for inboard engines. Up to -45 ?C. Safe disposal.


efficiently removes mould, mould stains, algae and other organic contamination and protects against reinfestation at the same time. Removes unpleasant odours, 500 ml.


Cleans the water tank and clogged pipes from lime deposits, removes bad taste and foul odours. Completely non-toxic purification based on citric acid. 500 g.